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Bikepoint: New FZ1 price! I'll take 10 to go!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Spud Gun, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Bargain! I would love to walk into my local Yamaha dealer with a freshly ironed tenner and order a new FZ1.

  2. Oh yeah. thats a sweet looking bike. I like red. One for every day of the week. In fact for $ 10.00 I could chuck it away after its been used once. Didnt Lady Diana used to do that with her Reeboks?( Thats why they were always so white.)
  3. you guys have forgotten you wouldn't get much for the resale value
  4. True. There is depreciation as well. As soon as you ride it away it would only be worth $9.
  5. Heh there was an ad in Bikepoint 2 weeks ago for both the faired and naked version of the Ducati 620 Monster...2 seperate ads both listed as $995.

    Now of course I thought 'Nah its a mistake', but there was the same mistake on two seperate ads...so I thought 'Ah what the hell, its only a local phone call'.

    The guy on the other end of the phone couldn't stop laughing. Well it was worth a shot!
  6. Don't worry about depreciation, I'd be more concerned about the fact that the contents of the fuel tank would be worth twice as much as the bike :LOL:.
  7. how about this unusual triumph?
  8. Wow, I never knew you spelt Triumph Y-A-M-A-H-A.