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BikeNut Inspection

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by bebo3, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Hi, has anyone used or seen a BikeNut Inspection services, and if so was it reliable ? i'm thinking of getting one done on a bike i would like to purchase since i don't really know how to find out whether it would be roadworthy.

    Here is the link :

  2. bump!

    $200 sure is a bit pricey. Even car inspections from NRMA didnt cost that mcuh to my recollection
  3. Bill is now working on his own and under his new banner motorbiketransport.
    Use the links directory to find him.

    $200 is the average inspection price.

    They literally pull the bike apart and then reassemble.

    $200 is a piss in the ocean when you are parting with many thousands for a potential lemon
  4. Whos the pommy bloke here who does em. Cant remember his name
    but he works for Honda?

    Anyways, he did mine for $100 & wrote up a report.
  5. Is this in Sydney?

    If so id definitely want to grab some details for that.
  6. Is Bill in NSW? (EDIT - just checked and they;re in Vic and good value if they do a bit more than do a "roadworthy" that you can pay $20 for)

    This from the BikeNut inspection page Bikenut Inspections are a visual and road test inspection and do not cover internal and wear components. :?

  7. He no longer does any "on teh side work"

    He's got the sooks again.

    Typical bloody poms ;)
  8. Yes he does Vic I got Shans gixxer serviced about a month ago...great job too! :)
  9. I wouldn't waste my time with that dude Bill and his visual bike inspections. Not worth the paper they are written on.

    He did one for a mate of mine, who purchased the bike on his recommendation. It turned out the bike had been dropped which he failed to notice and even had the wrong reg on the report.

    I see BikeNut makes mention of this on their web site suggesting you need a proper mechanical inspection and registration check done by a professional mechanic, not one done by someone calling himself the chief.
  10. Dear Netrider Member "RideOn"

    I am writing to you in regards to your Post: Mon Nov 19, 2007 5:00 pm

    I suggest that you give me a call at the earliest possible time to discuss your accusations.

    Unless you have physical evidence of your accusations this is considered as slander.

    I invite and recommend you to respond to avoid any legal involvement.

    I can and will subpoena for your IP address to identify you, so believe me, this will not go away as these are serious accusations.

    Please have the name of your friend, what model motorbike and the number of the report.

    I will leave it up to you but I suggest that you get onto this asap.

    My contact number is 1300 Bike Move.
  11. Re: Dear Netrider Member "RideOn"


    Good luck with that! Even if Vic gave you his IP, you'd have a hard time convincing his ISP to divulge its owner. And theres the fact that the guy who's given you $hit has only 1 post, so why would anyone consider anything he's saying? And since he only has 1 post, what makes you think he'll happen to see your post? Build a bridge and get over it.
  12. yeah wake up to your self.....the fact that you have joined up netrider just to post that has lost my vote for your business....some people will have good things to say about someones business....some people will have bad things to say...you know what....who gives a toss....if your busy enough and do good work then actions speak louder than words....theres a billion and one peter stevens bagging threads here.....plenty of people including myself still use them because we are happy with there service....grow up "chief"