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Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Dave72, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. Just saw this on FB, haven't said which channel/day/time it will be on yet but "coming soon"
    Looks like it will be good!=D

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  2. Ooooooh commenting here to subscribe to thread in hope that when anyone finds out they will post in here.
  3. Isn't there a kiwi show called Bikelife TV?
  4. I have liked them on Facebook to keep an eye on it. Will post when more news comes out.
  5. Hi there, and sorry I didn't see this sooner! I work as a Director/Producer on this show, it will be on free to air this Thursday Night at 8:30pm, TV4ME (CH74). If you have any other questions fire away!
  6. Is it a one off or a regular weekly program?
  7. For starters we have 5 episodes that will air over the next 5 weeks
  8. It will be on free to air this Thursday Night AUG 21st at 8:30pm, TV4ME (CH74), glad you like the coming soon vid!
  9. Bugger I am working night shift that night, will I be able to see the episode on line after it airs?
  10. All bike reviews and story segments from the show will be released on our youtube channel in the 2-3 days after airing, and a notification will go up on facebook.
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  11. Watched the show tonight, first thoughts.
    -Good god, dump the bad music and let us hear the bikes!
    -Looks like your guys are trying to be honest without angering your advertisers. Must be a fine line.
    -Tech segment would be good for the newbies.
    Shows promise, maybe one day you guys can get on a decent channel.
  12. I watched also.
    as Orb said, a Tech segment would be good.

    Also do more on Bike culture.
    Other than the Super Bike interviews it was all product reviews, so basically it was one big Add.

    I get that it is start up and you need the support of sponsors and advertising, however you do need to find a balance.

    Get to more bike social events, cover the group riding culture, Track Days, even the Learner days in Melbourne and Sydney etc.
    Cover some of the popular riding roads in the different states, i.e. Reefton Spur, GOR or Great Alpine Rd for Vic.

    Bike Life and culture is not just about buying new bikes, gear and accessories.

    Will still watch next week, still better than most of the other shows which just cover Harley's. :)
  13. Bugger. Completely forgot this was on....
  14. Thanks for watching Orb and oz-riley, and thanks for the feedback too.

    For the segment stuff, next week we have a story on the Oil Stained Brain Exhibition which I hope you'll like, and for locations we did get up around Macedon and Daylesford, but the Spur and GOC are definitely on the list for the future.

    We'll keep working at that balance!
  15. I was talking about the bit on tyres they had. Was all basic stuff, hence it being good for the newbies.

    Looking forward to seeing the custom bikes in next weeks show.
  16. Here you go Dave;

  17. Gay.

    So much. Gay.
  18. Dump the music!
    It drowns out the content.

    Sorry, but the first episode did nothing for me, perhaps it is aimed at newbies still in the honeymoon period.
    Seemed to be the same as most bike mags, just in video format. I understand the importance of pleasing sponsors, but l'd like to see more of the social aspect of riding and even some of the political /legal information, so riders are informed.
    Plenty of interesting characters and/or groups within the Australian motorcycling world, beyond racetracks.
    I will continue to watch the next episode, but l know many longtime motorcyclists that will not, if it remains in the same format.
    Sorry to be blunt, but you want feedback.
  19. Foxtel doesn't provide this channel, so I'm going to have to look for an online version... :-/
  20. I saw the show & liked it. I get that it's friggin hard to fit everything you want into a half hour (or 25 mins minus the ads). Good honest reviews despite the sponsors. I like to hear an unbiased view. Obviously no shortage of topics that could be covered as already mentioned here. Riding (to conditions)/cornering/braking techniques etc would be good for reminding & reinforcing. Good places to cruise for the weekend or week. Heaps o' stuff!