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Bikeless untill 18...sucks to be me!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RiceRocket, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. Bikeless untill 18...sucks to be me!

    My parents have official said i can get a ride when im 18... good in one way i guess, just to know im gettin a bike. bad in another way cause it i gotta wait a couple of years owell.

  2. its all good
    it gives you time to save for rideing gear and your bike.
    it also gives you a bit of time to see the roads in a car as a learner driver.
    a couple of years here you might pick up the odd pointer or two that might save your butt.

    prepare for the time , get your book , start reading

    start looking at differant options and bikes and gear .

    its all good , just look forward to the day .
  3. I can re-iterate what Groberts has said. Use the time for research on all the bikes, gear and other stuff. It is still a good thing you will be getting on two wheels. :D :D :D :D
  4. You can also use the time to start buying your gear and find friendly riders in your area to take you pillion for a few cruises :)

    IMHO, spending some time in a cage first to learn how things work on the roads is a good investment. Once you get the bike you'll find that traffic is one less thing you have to learn from scratch.

    Good on you for discussing it amicably with your parents and reaching an agreeable solution :)
  5. Sounds like a win to me. They have time to get used to the idea, they didn't say no and you have time to get some experience behind the wheel and save for the bike and gear.
  6. Oh, how I wish I was in your position ......
    *hautily dreams of being a teenager again**

    Use this time to get some riding experience on a dirt bike at least. :)
  7. dont got a dirt bike! dont particulary like them either
  8. As everyone else has said RiceRocket,

    Use the time to research and get some practise in the cage. Traffic can be pretty daunting if you arn't used to it. Also, the likelyhood of a minor bingle is higher when just learning, so make sure that if anything were to happen, you'd be a bit better protected.

    On another note, I think you have a new world record... 49 posts in 2 days!
  9. Yeah. The Status Newbie and Lurker seem kinda downgrading to me so i tried to get it up to regular which it is now!

    Yeah i'd rather crash my dad's car when im learning than a bike i just bought. Yeah im gonna practice mostly in a cage
  10. Good Idea RiceRocket.

    I am 21 and have only just got my 250 licence (in perth), after wanting a bike since i was 10/11. Parents (mum in particular, which is always the way), quickly stopped any thoughts of that. As a son of a driving instructor, I got my cage licence at 17 and have clocked up a fair amount of driving time (an hour to Uni and back really helps).

    After driving for a while, you tend to identify where idiots lurk and get an insight into their behaviour. Knowing that certain intersections or situations attract idiots (and taxi drivers) comes with time and experience. Getting this experience in the safest manner possible is paramount.

    I was quite fortunate. The parents decided to expand the family business and bought a riding school. One night as I came home to see 3 bikes in the carport. No was the perfect time: "hey, can i get my bike licence now?" and less than a month later, I had my full 250cc licence, 2 bikes to ride (i can ride the 500cc, but have to have dad follow me and wear large daglow 'L's) whenever I like. Add free fuel, gear etc. to the list and I think I have a pretty sweet deal.

    My point is, it really pays to wait. Not only will you have more money, doing it with your aprents consent will have other advantages (like free fuel, maintenance, advanced rider courses etc).

    One thing you will notice (I know I did) is that after riding the bike, you become a much better cage driver.

    As other people have said. Get your dad (and if you can, your mum) into bikes. Not only do you have extra riding partners, it's great bonding and you'll be able to do much much more with your parents consent!

  11. Some damn good advice in that! thanks heaps! ..... and welcome to Netrider!

  12. Welcome to Netrider Sam and well done on the great first post :D
  13. wats the name of ur folkes bike training centre?
  14. G'day Sammy and welcome.

    RR Bit of bugger but sounds like you pretty much expected that response. In your downtime you could grab books like Twist of a Wrist or some of the other books by Keith Code.
  15. are the books motorbike training guides?

  16. Are u healthy , have all ur arms and legs , not dying of a cancer . Just think about those that wont even get the chance to see 18 . Sucks to be u , i dont think so.
  17. I agree totally with this, but offer words of warning too. Don't do what I did and bombarde them with info, cause you'll turn them off. That's what happened to me and I don't even live at home. Now that I know they're pissed at me for "ramming it down their throats", I'm not comfortable even mentioning bikes to them anymore.....

    We stick to safer subjects now, like my brother's and sister's interests..... babies and children. Never mind what interests me....

    Love it when my 5 yo nephew comes over and says "Auntie Karen, can I sit on your motorbike?" Sticks it right up em - Luv it! :p

    I'm finished whingin now....
  18. Ha parents , your a teenager , who listens to parents anyway

    They think they know it all , but you and I both know they don't , just go buy one , keep it at a mates
    they'll never know

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  19. nice work little nephew! u wont be popualr with his parents once he hits "mumy mumy can i get a motorbike like aunty karen" phase
  20. trust me, it does not suck to be you.

    as has been said numerous times before, use the time to become competent in a cage, then when you hop on the bike you'll be wary of the complete fcukstains that lurk on Australias roads.

    have a nice 2 years :p :LOL: