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Bikeless - how do you cope

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shhh, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I've been away with work since December. I'm keeping busy and having a good time, but i have no bike here. I thought it would be ok, but months without riding and I am struggling.

    I'm sure I'm not alone with this. How do you cope?
  2. Buy another bike :)
  3. I am fortunate that I dont sell my old bikes when I buy a new one so I just had my second bike sent to where I work away a lot and spend my free time exploring by bike instead of at the pub.The real bonus is when the work finnishes I get to ride home.
  4. i lived without mine for basically the first half of last year.
    there is no real secret, you push through because you have no option B
  5. Bought another bike :D
    My Bandit was off the road for about 8 weeks over Christmas/New Years 2010-2011. Wasn't really looking for another bike but I don't drive and catching buses in Canberra just sucks.

    A year and a bit and both bikes are happily co existing.
  6. Im also bikeless, i just ride the mrs, seems to help
  7. I'm just upgrading now and considering holding onto the 250 as a back up
  8. nothing like having multiple options, though
  9. Has she got loud pipes?

  10. yep thank god for pillows
  11. I have often said the same thing about paper bags...
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  12. Could you maybe hire a bike for the day every now and then whilst you're away?

    Would settle the nerves a bit..
  13. Lol second page before someone read the OP
  14. spent alotta time on bikesales and here ... focusing on when i could start riding again - only had to deal without a bike for about 2 months...doubt i'd last much longer then that as i don't drive a cage either
  15. haven't ridden for about 3 weeks and it sucks
    i have quit smoking easily, had withdrawals from medicines
    can go without beer.

    But no riding? i'm crawlin the walls man
    feels like .....shit
    it bites arse hard

    but when i get on a bike it will be so SWEET dude!

    just getting new top end 300cc on my klx for trails which will rip,
    and maybe get a RR sport bike too!
    Yes i'm keeping the KLX it's a beast!

    so hopefully get my fix soon :biker:
  16. Great idea goz. No wife for me, but I'll see if I can't find me a ride of sorts.
  17. I find that obsessing over the fact always helps. Like when you break up with a girl and you keep thinking about how pretty she was, all the cute things you did, her little quirks that make you smile. That stuff normally helps.

    3 weeks, 2 months, 3 months? You guys sure see the hard side of life.
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  18. No licence for 8 months last year, No riding drove me crazy,

    But Video's of my rides and Video's of other riders on the computer made it a lot easier,

    And watching Heather roll out on her cruiser,

    And I couldnt ride with her, Yaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh,
  19. Sold my bike last year due to financial issues
    Looking for a new one atm
  20. You could always see if there are any group rides going on in your area, that way you get to ride a few bikes.