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Bikeless - for a while!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Arik, May 8, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,
    it's been 13 hours since I sold my VTR250, and I am already withdrawing :mad: .
    It's so bizzare looking out back at where she used to park, now there's just a VTR shaped space. Really sad selling a bike you loved and learnt to ride on for 14 months - didn't really expect it as I was so focussed on 'what comes next' :cry: - Sorry

    ...I've got something in my eye...

    I've got about a month until restrictions end and I can climb on the next bike. Currently driving to work (double the travel time!), watching other lucky sods splitting - it's amazing how quickly the car becomes a cage!

    I may have to buy my bike ahead of time, and just have it out back, clean it every night, sit next to it and read to it from twowheels, sit on it etc etc.. (No, I wont tempt fate and ride unlicenced and uninsured)

    No point to this post other than Arrrgghhhh, not having a bike is going to do me head in!

  2. look at the bright side
    u got plenty of time to test ride other peoples bikes to decide what u want
  3. Still on restrictions - so no, can't really testride anything either.

    I know I might cop flak for this, but irrespective of testriding, I pretty much know I want to get a sportsbike of some description, and that a big part of my decision will be asthetics. So it's not so much a matter of shopping around broadly, more a matter of keeping an eye out for the two or three models I am interested in close to the date.

    I did a sit-on test on the weekend whilst getting the roadworthy done, and height is going to play more of a part than I thought.

    I didn't feel very comfortable on the CBR600s I tried as I was on tip-toes.
    Really surprised that on the CBR1000's I could get both feet flat on the floor, and that the general ergos felt a lot more comfortable.

    At this stage I am heavily leaning torwards a CBR1000 - I know these machines have crazy power, but I am told it is entirely possible to baby these torquey engines around and for them to be reasonably forgiving.
  4. What height are you? I'm only 170cms and sit on my Gixxer nicely
  5. Im the same -about 175cm.
    I found the gixxer 600s a little more comfortable than the CBR600 from memory. Most of the sports 600s have felt similar - uneasy toes on ground but not heels. A far cry from the VTR where both knees were bent. The CBR1000 just felt 'perfect' though, the pegs, reach to bars etc...all felt great.
  6. I mean I dont have my feet totally flat on the ground but I'm perfectly comfortable on it. Your feet will be on the pegs most of the time anyway and it's not like you're 5'0" !!
  7. I think the general gist of the posts are that you shouldn't jump straight to a litre bike from the VTR250..

    I believe it will execute you at the first point you get a little 'learner' on it.

    Go the 6 hunge to start with, even if it's for learning more than aesthetics.
  8. Thanks for the advice,
    I've been reading a lot of the posts about 600cc vs 1000cc 'debate', there's a lot of argy bargy and opinion and vehemence, which frankly I tend to ignore.
    In quite a lot of the posts it seems to be people are mounting arguments for why people should get what they got - I have a 600cc, no one should need anything more than a 600cc. I have a 1000cc because 600ccs lack torque etc etc etc.

    _Enters Bunker, dons biohazard suit_

    I'll more than likely buy a CBR1000, and baby it around for the entire time I have it. As a 32 year old, with enough cash, and no boy-racer aspirations, with very little chance of exploring the potential of either a 600cc or 1000cc bike, what is important to me is how it feels, what it looks like (to be honest), what kind of value for money I am getting.

    At the moment the thou ticks all my boxes. I like to think as I am not a peg scraping, rev-happy hoon I can ride the bike sensibly. Most of my mature bike riding friends have recommended 1000cc for the flexibility of the engine, pointing to the negligable increase in size / weight for commuting purposes and the greater rider comfort (for a sportsbike).

    Happy to be 'corrected'

  9. You can kill yourself just as quick on a 600cc as a 1000cc machine. I would ride them both first as see if you are Ok with the 1000cc. Sometimes the bigger machines can be easier to ride, they tend to be less flighty, but hey what do I know! :grin: :grin:
  10. Actually Matti-san, you would be one of those netriders that frankly I don't know from adam, but who has consitently impressed by posting reasonable, logical, helpful stuff without just saying 'Buy this, I bought it so therefore it is perfect for everyone'.

    So thanks for being balanced, and giving me the benefit of the doubt about making a silly decision.

    I suspect a lot of people use forms to selectively browse only the opinions that suit their ideas or plans, and then flame anyone who appears to disagree.

    I suspect also a lot of people respond to posts about what bike etc more to confirm their own decisions, and give themselves a well-argued pat on the back, rather than really responding to the person with the question.

    Having said all that, I love this site and it has been invaluable in may ways to be as a new rider.
  11. Thanks mate and you are spot on with your second point. My experience is limited on 1000CC bikes due to restrictions but I have ridden a brand spanking new CBR1000RR [mmmm black on black] around the block and must say it would be easy to go stupid but all in all I reckon it would be a good bike to buy. :grin: Anyway have fun.