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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by tim, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. I ordered some pazzo levers from bikegearwarehouse. My fault, ordered the wrong colour.. Sent an email to them straight away to correct order. Order was sorted or so I thought but my original order was sent to me. Contacted them, got a return authorisation and sent them back. New levers got sent out a few days later.

    Their customer service was fantastic, very easy to deal with. Considering I stuffed up originally, they bent over backwards to help me out. Up there for the best service I've ever had.

    Prices are very good too.

    Overall a very pleasant experience.
  2. Haven't you posted this already?
    Why the double post?
  3. Probably just super happy. Can't wait till I have the funds for a Jardine. Definately buying it from there.
  4. No, though you did make me go back through my posts to confirm. :)
  5. Hi Tim. Customer service is very important to us and we appreciate your feedback very much :).
  6. I was checking the website out yesterday at work after you posted the thread, seems pretty good, I like the way things are easily indexed for the bike types and years etc. Was a few links not working properly though
  7. I bet those Pazzo's look awesome on your GSXR1000 :grin:.
  8. Hi Dane75. We will shortly also allow a search By Bike. Probably only a week away. If not too much trouble, can you please let me know what links you found not to be working? Perhaps a PM would be the best way of letting me know :).
  9. BGW if you are not a sponsor or a paid advertiser please refrain from "advertising" until this is rectified thank you.
  10. Thanks for your feedback Dane75. I cannot post PM's but did receive it :).
  11. Hi Smee, I am a paid advertiser, and I simply try to answer questions in line with netrider guidelines.
  12. If your PM was disabled then take it to email please.
  13. Got a personal beef with bikegearwarehouse, Smee?
  14. Then it would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with those guidelines.

    There was no question asked.

    You are an advertiser, granted, but constant little posts promoting your business are forbidden.

    Posting threads in the wrong topic are forbidden as well and will result in those threads being removed.

    There is a fine line between spamming and answering questions. Try to stay on the correct side of that line and all will be good.

    Over the years we have relaxed what businesses can and cannot post in the forums, let's not find a need to tighten those rules up again.

    As discussed with you in an earlier email, I'm sure you understand


  15. Sounds like an astute moderator to me ;)

    Despite him having missed the advert ;)
  16. Thanks Vic, I completely understand and agree that spamming is very annoying. It was certainly not my intention and I apologise if it came across that way.
  17. Your apology is accepted, thank you :p

    And I may even buy something from there if the price is right as I have no beef with the company, just guiding our rep to ensure that it doesn't come across as "spammy."
  18. Hi,
    I placed an order on Monday & received it today...great service i.m.o.
    They keep you informed through the whole process too which i like.
    Next time i will make the trip to their retail store & have a good look around.

  19. Hi Sanoptic and thanks for your feedback. We look forward to meeting you in person :).