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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by agro nick, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. hi guys,

    just wondering if anyone had has personal experience with these guys?

    i PM'd "SteveGuzzi" but as of yet have not heard anything back from him. i was going to give them a call but thought i would post here first just to see if anyone recommends them.

    just considering if its best to just apply for a personal bank loan or if bikefinance are legit/cheaper?

    cheers and thanks in advance,

  2. BikeFinance is very legitimate and he has several very happy customers. I haven't seen Steve for a few weeks, he normally turns up to Eastside coffee. I am sure he'll get back to you asap.
  3. thanks ceejay, appreciated mate
  4. Nah don't trust the bastard.

    He will steal your steak at the first given opportunity whilst at the Casino in Brisbane.

    Then when you get pissed, he'll let you walk around the hotel naked. :shock:

    Honestly, he's a prick :rofl:
  5. give him a call!
    he made my buying experience a breeze. i didnt have to do anything, really.
    3 phonecalls, and one road trip and i had another bike for my harem :grin:
  6. awesome guys

    having you big players of NR giving him the thumbs up really makes my worries cease!

  7. Hey Nick,

    Was having a break for a couple of weeks, you didnt leave a phone number on your email or Pm. drop me a line

    Hey Vic,

    I conveniently dont know what your talking about, however as a friend i should have looked after you better to make sure you didnt catch a cold, I dont know how I sleep at night.

  8. hi guys

    just spoke to steve and wanted to say thanks for your recommendation, he is going to run some figures for me - so will see how it goes.

    thanks a bunch, steve said he had one of you mention this thread to him on a ride on the weekend which prompted him to reply,

    cheers nick