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BikeCam Test

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ausyr1, Sep 1, 2009.

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  2. Nice :)

    I recorded some footage yesterday but to get it in a viewable format I'm having to stabilise it in AE.. but its putting up a fight :LOL:
  3. Amazing how fast the scenery rushes by at 60 kph :shock:
  4. Great footage. How long can you record with it?
  5. Thanks - what happened to your footage ?
  6. At highest quality about 30 minutes to a gig and it will take upto an 8 gig sdhc card.
  7. Yep it must be the light and the camera being so close to the ground causing it to look much faster than it was :)
  8. Homemade tank camera mount + not exactly plush suspension.. still watchable but need to stabilize the footage with tracking then enlarge to hide black stripes.. the problem is changing light and reflections on the dash so makes it hard to find a consistant tracking point.. and AE refuses to pause calculations and generall crash alot :(
  9. Bugger - yeah I suffer the reflections with the bullet cam I have mounted behind the dash as well, lots of over exposure when the sun is behind and reflecting of gauges... not many people around who would be confident with After Effects and tracking ;)
  10. Comes in handy :) And I was shooting through a very dark tinted screen so the camera was working overtime to compensate :LOL: I'll send you a link when I get it sorted.
  11. Excellent :)
  12. Really Nice! be sure to post more soon
  13. Awesome footage!
    Where exactly is the cam mounted?
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    VCM sorry for the delay in replying seems i have lost all my thread subscriptions for some reason.. anyway I have multiple mounting positions on the bike using different mounts I have fabricated for this clip it was primarily mounted on the lower fairing using a suction mount.

    take a look at http://www.projectbikecam.com I have documented how I have done it all there :)

    here's another clip i did with the vio and a contourhd

  15. Also, the angle of the camera creates the optical illusion that you crossed the double-white lines on a couple of occasions.


  16. it does indeed :-O