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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Jeworge, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. It's been 2 months maybe more since I placed my original order with bikebling.com.au for a friend's b'day present. Considering this website is listed on netrider as a netrider partner I figured it would be okay dealing with them.

    So the story goes the item I ordered for my friend's b'day was out of stock, they didn't notify me of this and when I did enquiry about the order they were checking into getting more stock.

    They weren't able to get more stock so I decided to purchase something else, fair enough if they ran out of stock I figured. So there was a helmet on their site that I was interested in but they were also out of stock for that, they found the helmet size I needed and informed me if I was to get the helmet they couldn't do as good a deal as the price listed on the website.

    After this I've attempted multiple times in the past couple of weeks to get a response from them about how much it'll cost with nothing, not even an acknowledgment of receiving my enquiries. Nothing... if they do ever reply and say I can't get the promotional price for the helmet I'm just going for the refund option.

    Not happy.

  2. Give up on the preferred partners list on Netrider. It has to be the most out of date list on the net. I got stung as well & that was six or so months ago.
  3. George --- if you dont get any satisfation send me a pm - I will look after you on a helmet

    I know from experience your a nice patient guy who is also very accommodating and it takes a hell of a lot to get you upset

    I wouldn't want you in some way to think bad of netrider

    how did you pay for the item George ? pay pal or credit card - either way just go to your bank fill out a form and get your money back -- the form will have a box to tick "goods not recevied from seller" or something like that
  4. Thanks Marinko. Here's an update I received an email reply a hour ago, they all went to watch the MotoGP.

    I remember reading a post before where someone asked about bikebling.com.au whether it was reputable, I hope the result of this thread will provide all netriders this info. I'll let you know how I go.

    P.S. Those carbon fibre helmets are really nice, don't know if I mentioned that before.
  5. Just puttnig a final update to this review. So after 2 and a half months I ended up asking for a refund of the original purchase order. However despite my difficulties I believe this should not put you off buying from them, request for refund was responded to quickly.

    - quick response via their contact us form on their site
    - friendly service
    - if difficulties arise they can provide a phone number to contact them

    - if item ordered is out of stock there is no notification
    - order will need be followed up by you, lacking order updates

    Take care and I hope this helps you decide to buy from them if you're unsure.