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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Rob H, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Bought all my newbie gear from Bikebiz (helmet, jeans, gloves, jacket).

    I've since had a few issues with the gear and Bikebiz have been 1st class in their approach. Items returned and new ones sent out on more than one occasion.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and it's heartening to encounter proper customer service.
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  2. kudos

    I bought my first pair of gloves and boots from Bikebiz in parra, and despite spending over an hour and a half in their store trying practically everything on, they were still very helpful in making sure everything fit properly.. the chick was telling me where the pressure areas were supposed to be on the gloves and boots what differences the stitching had etc.

    It was awesome, and she never once pressured me to buy or upsell me on more expensive stuff. (y)
  3. And....you know, was she hot?
    Sorry gotta ask. Always helps
  4. did it feel nice when she touched you?
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  5. Roughly how old is she?
  6. I agree ! Bike Biz were absolutely fantastic when I got my bike through them. Very genuine people and always very very helpful.

    Thumbs up to you guys !
  7. I've bought gloves over the internet from them. No porblems at all, fast delivery (I live in Geraldton, delivery is an issue.) I will use them again.
  8. :rofl: What.. you thought I spent over an hour actually trying stuff on..? There are only so many time I can put a boot or glove on... :grin:

    Mid 20's from memory, blonde hair, blue eyes, tall-ish, nice smile..
    You know what.. I forgot her name.. wouldn't be the first time.. whistle.
    And this was yeeaars ago...
  9. I too have had good service at the Parra store, by a female too! (end of last year, not blonde.. she wasn't there when i stopped by today though to pick something up :( )
  10. Yep spot on for me to, very fast delivery to Tas
  11. Sounds like the owners daughter, i think her name is kelly. :angel: