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bikebiz - Positive experience

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by klau, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. Thanks to Adam at bikebiz (Paramatta) I got a nice discount on a jacket, boots and gloves today. It was lunchtime and a bit busy, so it was great that he took the time to go through what I was after without being pushy, and not going for the quick sale.


    (I have no stake in bikebiz, but wanted to note the positive experience I had there)

  2. Well done. I have ordered from them and had quick service too.
    I had a few hundred burning a hole in my pocket at a well known multi brand joint it Elizabeth St Melb on Wed and no pr!ck came near me. They were to busy talking to each other (the bird was hot though) I walked out after 45 mins. I'll save it for the expo.
  3. Clint who also works at Bikebiz in Parramatta is a top bloke. He really knows his stuff, and goes out of his way to make sure you leave happy.
  4. Yep, nothing but good experiences dealing with Bikebiz.
  5. Same here, only positive things to say. Great service and staff.
  6. Mmm I think they're the ones who imported my bike.

    Bikebiz on the compliance plate
  7. i knoowww this is an old thread, but thought i'd use it rather than create my own.

    Bought my first bike, Kawasaki ninja 250r, and gear from Bikebiz Granville (parramatta road) a couple of weeks ago. The staff were all fantastic. I've bought many cars over the years and have never had the great service and assistance that i got at Bikebiz.

    They organised delivery (as it arrived before my license test was booked in) kept me up to date about everything, and the bike itself came in a few weeks earlier than they warned me it would.

    Once it arrived and was delivered (today :) ) the gentleman (bah unfortunately i was too excited and forgot his name) gave me a complete overview of the bike, showed me everything to do with it as well as some pointers from his own personal experience and also gave me some basic riding and braking/steering tips. He also made sure that i had no more questions before he left, and they filled it with petrol for me :)

    I should also mention the attractive girl that helped me and my girlfriend pick our gear out was extremely helpful too (and did i mention attractive?)

    Anyway i'm rambling. Point is i'd definitely recommend anyone use them for purchasing bikes or gear or even servicing. I'll definitely be using them as my first port of call for any future motorcycling transactions.

  8. Have ordered two helmets in the past from Bikebiz excellent service over the phone. Last time, the helmet arrived the very next day after I ordered it, carefully packed. Even if it didnt fit me they would have allowed me to return it.
  9. The brunette? kinda short? real good service, she helped me pick boots which took aaaaaaaages very helpful.

    Bikebiz are pretty good, when the sliders fell off my berek pants they gave me two new sliders over the counter :cool: When MCA wouldn't drop one stinking dollar from a pair for 600$ dainese pants BB did some bereks for 490$ RRP was 550$ they also gave me a good deal when i bought helmet/knee armour/backpack :grin:
  10. mate, you pretty much could have been speaking for me there. Also ordered a Ninja250R from them, had it delivered as I hadn't got my license yet. They went over everything with me. Very impressed.
  11. A mate of mine bought a bike from Christian - he had nothing but good things to say about it.
  12. Hmm she wasn't that short but you might be taller than me :p

    Yeah they gave me a good price on the Draggin's, gloves, and jacket too, saved a hundred bucks or so.

    Edit: The guy who actually sold me the bike was Jarad. Nice bloke.
  13. I was there last week looking to buy helmet etc Sales guys were fantastic but ended up going elsewhere only because didnt find the helmet I wanted and didnt want to split the package. I would go back though because they are very helpful, great for a newbie like me.
  14. I think i know the one. Shes quite charming isn't she? I was really just looking for gear but couldn't say no to her, ended up spending more than I initially intended.

  15. yeah, another happi customer from bikebiz parra,

    keep it up guys
  16. Not so positive experience

    Overall negative experience after an initial positive pre-sales experience. Very friendly and attentive up til I paid for the bike.
    Wouldn't take my bike there to get serviced given how sloppy they were with a brand new bike (got home and the oil cap was about to fall out: dangerous! and inability to follow clear instructions for preparing a bike = sloppy and poor customer service).

    To be fair: not that I'm sure where's better: certainly not action motorcycles based on my first bike experience.

    In terms of accessories: Wouldn't order anything from them because it would require so many follow up calls to find out when it arrived. If you like being in the dark and have nothing better to do than chase 'em then by all means.

    They also appear to have pulled a shifty one on my flatmate with her first bike: sold her a bike that wasn't really working then told her "tough luck you can pay us to fix it if you can get it to the shop" when she told them it wouldn't start at home for the very next ride. Make sure you start any 2nd hand bike there from cold (they had the bike running when she finished the paperwork.. suspicious??). Their solution to her was if you can arrange to get the bike out here we might have a look at fixing it (at a cost of course). Not exactly good after sales service experience for a brand new biker.

    The comments about the girl working there: Yep, there's a girl working there: and she's friendly and attractive. Pity that's the best thing that can be said about a business. I've seen some real hotties at mcdonalds on occasion too: doesn't mean they rival Tetsuyas. :p

    In detail:
    Went to lot of effort to specify I wanted different tyres on the brand new bike: I find they didn't do that, have to wait around another hour while they do what was clearly specified in the purchase order.

    Went to lot of effort telling them what I needed the alarm to do and that it probably required ordering a perimeter sensor: lo and behold they don't listen and I had to take the bike home without alarm.

    The bike itself I had to keep chasing to find out when it was there. "we'll call you" doesn't mean they'll call you at bikebiz. They'll call you up til they get your money then the service disappears.

    Ordered official accessories: I turn up on sale day and they aren't there. It takes many weeks of chasing (despite the "oh we'll call you") and in the end rather than another trip out along Paramatta road paid for them to send it to me instead (which they did promptly).

    I get the bike home and the oil cap was sitting loose on the bike. Could have been the end of me had oil leaked out and got to the back wheel. In short: I now have very little confidence that the pre-sales checks were carried out if the damned oil cap wasn't even screwed up. Will not be taking my bike to their mechanics if they can't even put the oil cap back on a brand new bike. Sure it's a little thing: but who would have been under a truck or wearing an insurance claim thanks to that? Me.

    To the original poster and the people who bought the odd shoe or jacket from them: great, that took a lot of "great service" to walk you from rack to counter. :) Talk to a few people who bought a bike or needed something ordered and you'll have a different experience I'd say.
    Friendly guys at the shop for sure: I'm not questioning that, but my experience (and my flatmate's) weren't really up to par past sale of bike point.

    But as I said: I dunno whether you'll get too much better (bike sellers are like used car salesmen but worse), but saving a few bucks isn't worth it when you have to trek out there and ring multiple times or wait around hours to get things to where good service would have got you earlier.

    As for the post by smoky about buying a helmet: I have to point out that this is NOT A GOOD THING!
    I will never buy a helmet from any place that allows this (if this is true)! Have a think about what this bit of "customer service" means: a potentially DANGEROUS situation.
    Once you leave the shop with a helmet the store should NEVER let anyone return a helmet. Wrong size: tough luck, that's why you have to try it on before you buy. Use it as a pillion helmet and buy the right size and learn the lesson.

    If there's a defect in the helmet then that's between you and the manufacturer as a warranty return.

    This is common sense: you could drop it and then return it. No visible marks perhaps but a completely useless safety device due to hairline fracture or compromise of the helmet material.

    fcuking dodgy is all I can say about that particular "good thing" about bikebiz. If I was going to buy a helmet from them I'd be wanting to see it arrive out of the crate from shoei/arai to ensure it isn't a return.
  17. Hi,
    Placed an order online this afternoon,Scott from spares dept rang me within the hour to confirm prices & availability.
    Can't ask for more than that,great service.