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bikebiz parramatta, Sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Dante, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. had 3 things i wanted to get so this saturday i went to bikebiz parramatta.

    i wasnt able to get 1 of the items i wanted, but there was a similar item different brand $20 more.

    they dont offer netrider discount. but after 10 minutes i got 10% off all the items. saving $10 from what the price would of been if i got all items to brand wanted.
  2. uuuh... yaay....?

    Any more insight into what you got?
    Gloves? Neck warmer? Helmet?
  3. You can usually get a discount at Parramatta. The 3 shops so close together means good competition.
    MCAS can be difficult though, they couldnt really care if you buy from them or not and often appear stoned.
  4. dririder hurricain suit, replacement bike cover, sharp brand racing rear stand.
  5. i know a guy who bought a bike from there.. they gave him a crappy loner helmet because they didnt have his size of the one he wanted.. took weeks of ringing and bugging and excuses to get it (and i think he ended up paying extra for a different brand). they also refused to refund his money when asked. they never ended up getting the gloves he ordered but he got to keep the loaners (better brand, but not the colour he wanted).

    he got his bike delivered but had troubles with starting/idling.. the guys kept saying they'd come out on X day but never did and wouldnt return his calls. in the end, i fixed it and he hasn't had any problems besides a rattly exhaust.

    on a more positive note, I test rode a bike there and they seem like nice guys.
  6. i ordered some riding boots and some thermals off bikebiz about a week ago, they were quite good in terms of communication and delivery. Called me up the next day and told me that they had just sold out of my size of the thermal and asked whether I wanted to wait or cancel. I cancelled the thermal, they sent out the boots that same day and I got it the next day. Was impressed!
  7. I bought some gear from BikeBiz's website, got it couriered over to Adelaide in 2 days, and am very happy with the gear and what I paid for it.

    Two thumbs up for BikeBiz. :grin: