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Bikebiz Parra - My experience buying gear

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mewnz, May 22, 2008.

  1. Walked into Bikebiz about a week ago, and I get a cheery "Can I help you mate?" pretty much as soon as I got there. Said I was looking to try on the Shark RSI and some alpinestars gloves, he said no worries grabbed the key to the helmet display and didn't even giggle when my friends made the power ranger jokes. The Shark was a pretty wicked fit and I was happy with it, he made me shake my head and looked around a bit to make sure it did in fact fit.

    This first trip I ended up getting the helmet, blue iridium visor (fair skin so I wanted something to keep a bit of UV out - he assured me it would, referenced the watermark on the visor etc) and some gloves. Was looking to get 10% off, got 5 which left me some wiggle room in the bank account so I wasn't complaining.

    Got home the next day to see an email from my Godfather informing me that a $300 voucher for bikebiz was in the mail, I nearly cried. Called up Trevor (the bloke who looked after me before) and asked if there was anything I could do, he said to come in and we'd sort it out.

    Yesterday I went in, and was told that I couldn't 'return' the gloves and then buy them again using the voucher. Was pretty unhappy with this. Trevor went back to talk to the big boss about it, came back and said it was a no go. Talked a bit more about it, emphasising the 'return' part, and he went to ask his boss again. My friend and I were still at the counter, and we could hear mr manager swearing quite irately about the whole thing. This made me pretty angry, I didn't want to get into anything with the manager but I was pretty close to visibly shaking at the sheer lack of respect. Trevor came back out and apologised but said that his hands were tied. Thanked him for his time and walked around with my friend while she did her errands, and figured as much as I didn't want to give the bloke out back the business, a $300 piece of cardboard wasn't going to do me much good.

    Went back to look at boots, again Trevor noticed us browsing pretty quickly and after a "Back so soon?" went to the back and brought out the boots I was interested in. Ended up buying a pair of Sidi vertigos, and Trevor helped me out in a big way by knocking a considerable amount off. I do mean considerable.

    All in all, my experience with Bikebiz was a positive one. Cannot recommend Trevor and his team more, they were quick to help, didn't mind a chat, and didn't push the hard sell. Were happy to ask what my uses for the bike were and recommend a lower priced item that would still meet those needs.

    Just quickly wanted to add:
    MCAS didn't blink when I entered or left.
    The dealer a couple min down from MCAS was littered with decorative gargoyles who looked amazingly like employees.
  2. There are a few threads running in this forum about that particular dealer
  3. Trevor from BikeBiz is a great bloke. I've bought gear off him several times, always friendly and nothing is ever too much trouble. Gave me a briliant deal on my last jacket and helmet. But have run into the "ask the boss first" attitude at Bikebiz, pain in the arse. He should let the guys do their job.
  4. Buy all my gear of Trevor ,he's a champion.

    I walked in and needed some rain gear and gloves etc ,I was looking at the $$$ gear thinking it was the best ,he fitted me out the alot cheaper gear and told me its just as good if not better then the stuff I was about to buy ,3 years later and its all still like new and works really well. :grin:
    I had abit of extra cash to burn so I thought I would pick up some extras I read about on the net ,I had arms full on stuff ,being a newbie and thinking I really needed all this extra stuff .
    He asked what bike I ride and how long ,I told him im as new as you can get and I thought I needed all this extra stuff ,like a chain brakers .....
    He laught and put half of the stuff back on the stand and gave me things I only really needed like chain lube and tyre repair ... etc.
    Saved me a packet ,but they will make and have made alot more out of me for his service and time and honesty with dealing with a newbie.
  5. I bought from both BikeBiz and MCAS at Parramatta, and to be honest I have found both to be very good.
    If it were me (and at times I make such decisions) I would have honoured the discount voucher. That's really poor form, if I understood your tale correctly - in fact, I would NOT have bought anything else from there if they had treated me in that manner.

    There's a bike shop diagonally opposite BikeBiz, who ripped me off big time on a bike when I was younger, and I haven't forgotten it. Hell will freeze over before I walk into that place.
  6. Bike Biz are funny.

    They got the shits when we refused to run their banner ads for free ;)

    They did look after me when I needed replacement side pods for my Arai though.