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BikeBiz Granville (Postives & Negatives)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by korbail, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. I purchased a Ninja 300, paid for it in cash. On the day the salesman said as part of the deal "Free delivery to your house on a Saturday in the afternoon", I said great shook his hand and paid the deposit.

    The same salesman phones me up a week later and tells me the bike has arrived. The bike will be put together and be delivered on Saturday (tomorrow 2nd March). I say great. I then ring on Thursday to make sure everything is fine and pay the remaining balance and got told someone will call me back to make sure the delivery is still all good.

    Well, I just rang and now they say they don't deliver on Saturdays because they are busy and I'll have to pick it up or get delivered through the week. I must have been stupid to think that when I work Monday to Friday I am busy too and don't have time to drive 1.5 hours back home to wait for a delivery.

    Well on the bright side, I'm going to pick up my bike and get it serviced elsewhere.:peace:

    Sorry just had to vent.
  2. ring him back and tell him to get fcuked you dont want it now ,there are lots of bike shops in sydney that will come to the party . play hard ball ,
  3. I would if I didn't sign the contract. Just won't go back to them now
  4. as i said play hard ball , why did you pay in full if you havent got the bike ?
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  5. i guess cos he trusted them

    won't do that again

    still, I'd be asking to talk to the CEO/Owner/Managing Director and asking how come the salesmen make promises they know that they have no intention of keeping....
  6. Yeah I did trust em and now I know to go elsewhere to buy the 650 in about a year. (y)

    In the end they miss out on all my service payments and a new sale in the future. All good
  7. Next time, get all that stuff in the contract too, then they can't back down. I'd be ringing the dealer principle and telling him what happened, saying how disappointed you are with his sales staff who lie to get a sale. Obviously you were happy with the sales process up to that point, but now you feel dudded, and you will be going elsewhere for your upgrade bike.
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  8. Yeah got it all in writing, but that didn't matter to them. Anyway they rang back and asked to deliver it tonight, so hey why not I'll cancel me plans and wait for it to be delivered. At least I'll get it it and won't have to listen to the boss now when I'm on my way somewhere :)
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  9. Well, hope you enjoy the bike anyway.
  10. aww, a happy ending. theres a nice surprise.
  11. I saw the other thread about this place, i thought i'd share my experience recently

    I bought a Ninja 300 ABS, and was told the ABS one would have the longest wait, possibly up to 6 weeks, i knew it would though so i didn't mind. The guy i dealt with, Peter, was really good, he explained the benefits of the new 300, over say a 250, things i had already found out about through researching the bike myself, but it was good to hear someone with experience reiterate it all (things like the slipper clutch, fuel injection, etc)

    Started doing the paperwork, he explained all the different parts and what the outline of the costs were, so i was pretty reassured that the final amount payable would be it, no more to pay, also as i said in the 300 thread i got a pretty good deal considering the 300s rarely seem to get any discount at all, i got $100 off with free delivery and the promo pack, the only deal i heard of that was better was $200 off out in Campbelltown but thats pretty far from me

    Anyway, 3 weeks later i got a call that the bike is in, so i paid the rest of the money, and that was a Wednesday, i didn't hear anything until Saturday when i called them and they told me to call back Monday which i did, and i was told the bike would arrive on Tuesday. Due to them being busy it got pushed back until Wednesday, so that was really the only hiccup in the whole process but as the bike was still 2.5 weeks earlier than expected i am not complaining

    When it got delivered the guy had it on a ute, i expected a truck or something, so maybe that explains why the delivery got pushed back when they were busy, i can't imagine that delivering bikes 1 at a time (or maybe 2 at a time?) on a ute is an especially fast way of doing it

    I've never bought a new vehicle, or any bike before, so i have nothing to really compare this experience to, but it seemed to go pretty smoothly, the next time i deal with them will be at my 1000km service, looking forward to dealing with them again then