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Bike year models not as good as their previous ones.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by port80, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Occasionally in the process of trying to improve a model bike manufacturers can get it wrong. Sometimes a previous model can be more appealing to the general public than the current.

    In your mind, what are they and why?

    I'll start with some of mine.

    I know it's only aesthetics, but the 2007 GSXR's looked better than the 2008's.
    The 2004 Z1000 was hawt, the 2007 onwards not so much due to the extra plastic parts.
    The 1995 Across was lighter and I believe more powerful than the later models.
    The CBR250 lost 5hp after '93
  2. +1
    I think it's called 'progress' :roll:
  3. Sometimes it's due to things like new pollution rules - more weight, a more complex path and so on.

    Other times it's just a taste judgement - I personally think the new Fireblade is butt-ugly and preferred the previous one, others' milage may vary.
  4. For sure the new euro3 regs are forcing manufacturers to add kit and typically weight. The example of the across adding weight I believe was to strengthen the rear subframe however. The cbr250 loosing power again was regs related, but more to do with power limiting than emissions.

    As far as aesthetics go I realise this is entirely a personal opinion.
  5. The 1000 gixxers are the exact same bar colour changes, im guessing your referring to 600/750's, i didnt like the headlights at first but seeing in person i dont mind it. Question is what will the K9 1000 look like??
  6. k5/6 gsxr1000 is better than k7/8.

    (or any other bike b4 or since.)lol :p :LOL: :wink:
  7. Why is it so....

    Why is it that all the current 600 & 1000 supersport bikes all have these butt ugly mufflers. They're bad enough in th pics when they use the camera angle to disguise their size but in real life they are just downright fuggly.
  8. Re: Why is it so....

    I tend to agree on the under-tail mufflers. I think it just makes the back end of the biker look ugly/un-tidy. There are one or two bikes with I've seen that they're ok with the under tail pipe. but the rest I dont really like them.

    I think for the cbr250 there's new laws somewhere that it has to be under 40hp. I cant remember if it's here or in jap.
  9. I think probably all CBR250's have lost 5hp by now...
  10. The 2001(?) VFR800 stands out as a shitty upgrade. VTEC and linked brakes come in, and then a few years later they add the underseat exhausts, which are bigger and heavier than the side cans, give you less underseat storage, cook saddlebag luggage and pillion arses.
  11. Re: Why is it so....

    Whats ugly about this tail.

  12. Exhausts and mufflers are all a result of the Euro-Spec emissions requirements; get used to them, it's not going to change now.....
  13. Whilst we're still allowed to swap them for after market items everything is okay :)
  14. I think the 04-06 series cbr600rr's looked better than the new ones. But the new ones are more powerful and lighter, so there's progress.

    As for 250's, well there are more laws nowadays. Japan restricted 250's to 40hp. UK learners are only allowed 33hp. Fortunately in Australia, none of the laws are that restrictive.

    I'd say the only place where modern sportsbikes have gone a bit backwards in is aesthetics. They are still getting lighter, more powerful (albeit not faster than 299km/h for most).

    I think bikes need to improve in other areas. Reliability, fuel economy, cost of ownership & servicing intervals (sprockets, chains, sparkplugs, oil). Also some variable valve timing would be useful. Many bikes still don't have knock sensors, oxygen sensors etc.
  15. The new standard bonnie's look bloody awful!
  16. The first models of ZZR1100, :-k D1 &D2 I think they where called, had more power :grin: than later mdl ones. :(

    Same with FJ1100 power wise :grin: as compared with 12, but upgraded handling and gearbox on FJ12 as 11,s were for sheeet. :(

    Bandit 1200 up to 99mdl, Suzuki in their genius put most of restriction in can and headers, so bolt on performance you could get anything from 5 to 20 h.p. with full system and good air filter. :grin:
    Not same as after 2000mdl :( and having had both I reckon the pre 99 had more power.

    Honda mid eighties XR350. I think they built one where it was a 350 motor in XR250 frame, :grin: then next year they put 350 motor in XR500 frame :(
  17. THe Hornet's have gone from classic round headlights, to alien-shaped silly things.

    Plus one re the latest Bonnie, though QuarterWit I though you were trying to talk me into one last night...?? :wink:
  18. What about the new R1 - Ugliest. Front. Ever.

    PS +1 to the Agusta pipes being sexy
  19. I'm starting to think I'm the only guy around that thinks the new Fireblade looks absolutely stunning... :oops:

    Seriously, what's not to like?
  20. The first ZX10r, 2004, definitely wasn't better than the 9R it replaced...


    Speaking of undertail exhausts, this is damn sexy: