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Bike wreckers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by bebo3, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Im fairly new to the whole buying a used bike thing (no L's yet) but ive been lurking around and i came across this motorcycle wrecker in liverpool ---> http://southwestmcwreckers.bikepoint.ninemsn.com.au/ who are selling bikes.

    what exactly do these guys do? do they try to sell the bike before it gets dismantled for parts or something? some of the deals seem pretty good and has anyone bought from a bike wrecker some info would be appreciated.

    I am really considering buying from them as it is relatively close to my place and i am strapped for cash (uni student) thanks for any advice.
  2. bebo -

    Lots of opportunities here, and lots of traps, too. Yes, they will sometimes try to sell a damaged bike that they see as repairable, and sometimes they will just sell for parts.

    How good are you with the spanners?

    Keep in mind that if the bike is technically a write-off, it will be trouble. Keep in mind that you will have to get it roadworthy checked, of course. Maybe the biggest trap is that bent frames, knackered headstocks and the like can be very hard to spot until it's too late. Also, a bent ally frame is often a dead ally frame, which is a bugger if you find out too late.

    Holed cases can mean gravel in the oil...a bike crashed and laid on its side with the throttle stuck open can have a damaged engine. And how do you test ride something that's not rideable?

    All doom and gloom aside, I have several cluey mates who have gone in with their eyes wide open, and done very well. By all means give it a go, but think long and hard before you commit.

    All the best!

  3. Southwest are horse traders. They will try to rebuild and sell a bike if it's not too badly damaged (which I respect), but they buy perfectly good bikes too.

    They make the most of it, which is not different to other traders, but from the figures I hear they are bordering on unscrupulous.

    Many of those adds are for bikes they don't have anymore "sold it the other day" is what they will tell you.

    On the parts side, I go there often, because it's close to home, but I rarely end up buying off them.

    They are very much aware of what the parts cost new and reem you to the max they think they can get away with. They ask a premium for parts that aren't in that good nick.

    None of this is much different from most other wreckers, I just think they sit on the other side of the line.
  4. Hmm i guess due to my inexperience i'd rather not trouble myself with the wreckers, ill stick to this website + bikesales, bikepoint etc for buying my first bike thanx for the heads up.
  5. dude i work in a motorcycle dealership if u are looking for a bike pm me and let me know. Also i live close to that wreckers place so i might go and check it out. I haver lived in the area almost all my life and never heard of them until now lol
  6. hmm ok np will do as soon as i have time to get my L's (stupid exams :oops: )
  7. Wreckers....

    As above they know what parts are worth new, and they will sell well used (read probably no better than what you are replacing) for 75% of the new price.

    I never ever ever, buy from wreckers!
  8. Maybe they should consider backing off on reeming everyone that walks through the door and they might get a bit more turnover.

    They'd rather sell 1 part at 200% margin than 3 at 150%.

    Then again none of them strike me as economic geniuses.