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Bike wouldn't start - taken to mechanics - nothing wrong

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by markcpotter, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Hello all,

    just wondering if anybody might be able to shed some light on what went wrong with my bike the other day.

    I have an 05 600rr that I use to commute to work on mon to fri.

    Had it for 5 months and put 8k on it (now got 21k on it and has been regularly serviced) and it has never skipped a beat.

    It fires up almost instantly but the other day it turned over and would not fire - gave it a few goes but no joy. The battery was strong and the starter motor was doing it's best but it would not fire.

    As I use it for work I thought the best option would be to call somebody out to pick it up so hopefully I could have it back the next day.

    It went into the shop plugs were taken out - spark was good - I had flooded the bike as I was trying all sorts to get it started - even trying to start on a full throttle so they just dried it out and it fired. They checked the electrics and no other faults could be found.

    Anybody have any ideas what could have happened?

  2. Spark/Ignition leads looking ok?
  3. I had the same problem a few months ago - bad fuel. Maybe you dislodged a bit of gunk and it got stuck in the lines or injectors somewhere
  4. Strange. If it was a carburetted I would have said a stuck needle valve which caused the engine to flood while sitting. But since it is fuel injected, I can't think of an obvious cause. Unless someone had access to the key, turned on the ignition and therefore the fuel pump, and then twisted the throttle several times. That may also flood the engine.

    You weren't showing it off to someone earlier in the day were you?

    Otherwise, maybe an ECU glitch that supplied too much fuel right from the start? Dunno.
  5. Hondas have had a bad reputation on Alternators & Regulators
    measure the battery voltage with the engine running if its not 14v
    or more its the regulator, the bikes will not start below a certain
    battery voltage even though they will crank over, my guess a
    deteriorating battery or not receiving enough zolts.

    My next question... do you have heated grips, the new ones leak 10
    milliamps at all times and the flashing LED also draws 10 milliamps
    so for the first 24 hours a bike with heated grips with be using 20
    milliamps at all times.
  6. :? I'm not sure on the theories of this one, but opening full throttle on a vehicle that's not started yet should do more harm than good, i think its something to do with the fuel pump working overtime to a fuel rail that may blow a seal because the injectors aren't listening to you at that point, the ECU is still in the "starting the bike" stage...

    Carbies yes, it does help, but not electronic injection... least thats what i've heard. :?
  7. With any efi bike or car do not pump ot twist the throttle before you start it, there is no need.
    turn the ignition on, wait a second or 2 for the fuel pump to do its thing then hit the starter. then you can twist the throttle or adjust the cold start idler if it has one.