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Bike wouldnt start after changing engine oil and gears feel bad.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ageg, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Hey peeps,

    Just need to find out some info on this:

    I changed my engine oil on my honda spada and forgot to put the oil cap on after i changed the oil and went to start it and it just cranked and wouldnt start up. I noticed i had left the oil cap off and put it back on and it still woulnt fire up, just cranking. I tried this about 5 times, also made sure my choke was set properly but still no good. After a few more attemps i decided to open up the throttle and see if that helped, i opend the throttle all the way and cranked it, the bike started up a bit rough but started, it idled funny for a bit then cleared up and was fine after that. Just wondering if anyone has any input as to what maybe caused this?.

    Also, after changing the oil and getting the bike started, i checked how the gears felt with the new oil (i put in castrol activ 15w50), changing gears up fine was ok, but when coming back down from 6th to neutral it wouldent change down for a few tries and felt like it was stuck in the gear...i was not riding the bike at the time, just sitting in my shed going through the gears. is it possible i have used too thin of a oil? maybe im in need of 20w?. Any help would be good, oh also, the gears were feeling good before i had drained the oil, however the old oil was really black so im guessing it hadnt been changed in a while.

    Any help would be appreciated,

  2. Did you put the right amount in? Too much can cause problems
  3. Were you going down one gear at a time while moving? Or trying to go from 6th to neutral stationary?

    How long between last ride & oil change? If it sat for a week, yes, it will be hard to start afterward.
  4. Taking the oil cap off while the motor is running wont do anything more than make a mess. That has nothing to do with the bike not starting.
    You have two oil refill amounts in your manual. One for a dry motor and one that has only had an oil and filter change. You need to be pretty specific with your amounts.
    The gear change being a little rougher, notchier could be from using a lighter more synthetic oil than was previously in it.
    What type of oil and what vicosity does the manual state? If your not completely 100% sure then do what the manual says. They're usually right.
    As ironic and twisted as it sounds. If you have to give full throttle to your bike to get it to start it is running rich by some means.
    Either by poor spark or the mixture ratio.
    As a rule I do not touch a throttle when starting a bike.
    If it wont start still I will try the choke. No throttle.
    Still no go. I turn off the choke and just try to roll little bits of throttle. Like less than 1/8th's.
    Failing that yes I will go WOT and kick it over.
    If that doesn't work I then just kick it over and walk away.
    LMFAO Sorry just read your last post. Mate any bike will not like going from 6th to N whilst stationary. Thats the nature of the gearbox.
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  5. i may have over filled it, i filed it up while it still had the kick down stand so it was leaning a little, so i just filled it to the low mark and pulled it straight after to check it and its a bit over the full mark....maybe ill drain some out and check tonite
  6. i was going from 6th to N stationary, it would work for a bit then not go down in a few attemps then work again.

    i changed the oil last night and after i filled it i tried starting it and wouldnt work
  7. Ahh so maybe i have overfilled it by a fair bit then causing some kind of lock up or something?. The manual suggest 10w40 but i thought maybe a bit thicker oil would be better so i put in 15w50 for a older bike?
  8. Motorcycle gear boxes are sequential, this won't work.

    How long has it been since you ran it?
  9. Ahh ok, sorry, im new to the bike scene and just assumed it was like a meanual gear box of a car or something lol.

    Proir to last night...2 days before
  10. All good, we've all been there.

    Your non starting is not likely related to your oil change.

    Have you had trouble starting it before? Say when you leave it for a day or two, or don't ride it for a week?
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  11. Nope, usually started straight away.....ill have a look tonight and see f it does it again, if not i wont worrie about it....gotta drain a bit of oil out anyway, think i put a bit too much in :(
  12. Non-starting from what you described simply sounds like it was flooded. Certainly nothing to do with the oil change.
  13. They do sometimes need a bit of throttle to start. The starting procedure that works when the bike's ridden every day may need to be varied slightly when it's been sitting for a while.

    I doubt the oil or the oil filler cap had anything to do with not starting.

    Check the oil level in the sight window.

    If you find yourself stopped in top gear, you may need to change down, let the clutch out slightly, enough for there to be slight drag and turn the gears until they engage properly, then pull the clutch all the way in, change, clutch out a little, back in, change ...

    If you're not in any hurry you can do it with the engine off. Change down (clutch out - it doesn't matter) roll the bike back and forward a bit, change down, roll it a bit ...
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  14. Thanks for the help everyone, I worked out that i had managed to flood the engine when i was changing the oil and to check the level i would pull the bike towards me so it was sitting upright, thus, grabbing the throttle and turning it everytime i checked me level ](*,), thanks for your input :).

    in regard to the gears, i wasent trying to change from 6th to first, i know that its not possible, i was going from 6th down to 5th to 4th etc and it wouldnt go into gear sometimes...i will try the above advice and see how i go :).

  15. Good stuff!

    We understand about the gears, but it still needs movement to work, either from the engine of from the rear wheel.
  16. A gentle rock back and forth will do it.
    A light tap on the gear lever. Don't stomp.