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Bike workshop wont refund my money...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by dastrix, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Basically a while back I had a full service done and they ordered a rocker cover gastket for the bike. Anyway, the gasket took weeks to come in, prior to it coming in I said dont worry about it, cancel it and ill do it another time.

    They still charged me for the part despite it not being fitted/arriving.

    I contacted them and initially they said they'd refund my money. Now I've contacted them again and the part is in stock with them but they said they cant refund my money nor can they refund it with any kinda restocking fee. Flat out, no to a refund.

    I've told them ill look into my options.

    Other than fair trading, what option do I have? I agree a restocking fee is fair but no refund at all isnt fair.

    They had to order the part from Honda.

    Any input?

  2. Get them to give you the gasket (it is yours) and sell it on eBay.
  3. Whos going to buy a new gasket on ebay for a 94 CBR600 ? Not many people and if they did, for far less than the $97 i paid
  4. You've left it too late now. You should have pointed out that it had not been fitted and refused to pay for it when you picked the bike up immediately after the service.
  5. its not too late, I expressed at the time of payment the issue and many many times after the issue.. Anyway, guess its fair trading time.. again...
  6. point taken

    .. if it had been me I would have refused to pay for the WHOLE service unless the cost of the gasket (and fitting??) was deducted at the time....
  7. I have to agree with hornet on this one,
    call fair trading and feel free to name and shame on here.
  8. name and shame time... work is lite today and i'm in the mood for some abusive phone calls... (at works expense! :grin: )
  9. Clubman Motorcycles Tempe... basically not going to give me my money back...
  10. Well from a business perspective in dealing with distributors and manufacturers, often once we've placed an order with them for a part and it is confirmed, we can't cancel it with the manufacturer and we're obligated to take it.

    It is quite possible that this is also the case with the bike shop and that by the time you asked them to cancel the part it was too late for them to do so. In your defence though this should have been made clear to you at the time of your initial request for the service. Did the shop state that once parts were ordered they could not be cancelled?

    You did say that you you would get the gasket replaced another time. Why not simply pick up the gasket (seeing as you've paid for it) and then you can supply it to whoever does your next service? Seeing as the shop has not charged you labour for fitting something that wasn't fitted it would seem that this option won't leave you out of pocket in the long term and will save you a lot of time and trouble in following up a complaint with fair trading.
  11. Ive sold the bike.. I also told them before I sold it that i didnt want it and no, they didnt say it wasnt allowed to be cancelled...

    I said if its going to take that long I didnt want it (after waiting days for it already, in the end it took WEEKS)
  12. Fair trading time.
  13. That's f***ed dude. You didn't get something so you shouldn't pay for it. If its the case that the part order couldn't be cancelled (and I doubt it if after a few days you said not to bother and it took weeks to arrive) then you should have been given the gasket at the very least. At the moment, you've paid for something that you didn't get. That's not right.
  14. Agree. Case opened

    I agree, im even kind enough to basically say look ill cop a restocking fee but i told these guys like the day after I didnt want the part. It took about 2 weeks i think for it to turn up...

    I'm asking for $97.50 minus 10% - i think thats very fair.

    I'll never go to Clubman again.
  15. Agreed. You have the power when they haven't got your money.

    I once had my lawn mower serviced and i mentioned i wanted 1 of the plastic wheels replaced. When i went to pick it up they wanted to charge me $320 for the wheel..... this is after i had paid for everthing prior to pickup and had the receipt with a big PAID on it.

    He acted like a jerk so i went ballistic in front of all the customers, didn't pay (the claimed $320) and stormed out with my mower. They are out of bussiness now :grin:
  16. Yep.. Fair Trading time. Pain in the tommy haas but these turds have to be held accountable. Email them a link to this forum as well, just so they know how much their tightarsedness (yes that is a word) is gunna cost them.
  17. here's a counterpoint ...

    When you paid the total sum you set an expectation that you would accept the part when it arrived.

    (you don't have to sympathize, but you do have to empathize to understand other people's motivations)

    The time to act was when you paid for the service - you really should have refused to pay then. Now these people have received the part in and are probably in exactly the same position that they are passing on to you.

    I'm not saying right or wrong here - but the reality is you must act on these sort of things when you have the leverage ... you have lost the leverage.

    Now - if you have an invoice that states they supplied and replaced the gasket and they haven't ... totally different story.

    Going to a "fair trading" on something under $100 isn't going to get very far to be honest.

    Plus I'll throw in some upside here ... if this lesson costs you $100 and you treat everyone more cautiously as a result - it may well save you many thousands in the future.
  18. If you didn't pay with cash, dispute the charge with your financial
    institution first. It's a quicker & easier resolution.

    Go to Fair Trading when all else fails.
  19. So they charge you for a part that you have not received?

    Sounds like theft to me.
  20. reckon so.