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Bike workshop poll (Melbourne)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by GSXR750White, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Been reading up some of the other threads on work shops, I still can't decide which to go.

    Who would you vote for:

    1) Dynoverks
    2) PTR (apparently they're the god for Suzuki)
    3) Sixty degrees

    Or, other shops you would recommend...

  2. What do you need done?

    Engine rebuild, tune, & suspension setup? Or standard servicing?
  3. Standard serving at the moment, and potentially tune later on
  4. pretty sure PTR do not do servicing but when you are ready for the tune, they are the ones to use for all things Suzuki. They also do suspension packages but I've never been able to afford one.

    With my 01 gsxr1k, Phil (PTR) was able to modify the stock ECU (within certain parameters) and with 40k+ on the clock he was able to extract 152 Rear wheel horsepower... After getting the bike back, I decided there was no need for a power commander or similar and I think from memory, price was around $150, so a fair saving overall.
  5. 60 Degrees for me :)
  6. Mototecnic
  7. Sixty degrees
  8. High Octane
  9. Dynoverks for me.

    sevicing, tyres, tuning, advice, anything.

    would'nt hesitate to go to any of the others mentioned in OP. but have not needed to.
    Dynoverks dan/do pick up my bike and drop it back if necessary, or i take it there and get one of their bikes till mine is ready to collect. which has always been same day.
    as for tuning, i don't know anyone who can get my bike running better than Dean can.
  10. South East Motorcycles in Moorabbin for me.

    Looks after 3 bikes of mine.
  11. Amen to that.
    Fast, awesome pricing and their work is top notch.
    I won't take my bike anywhere else and I have been to most other places around the SE suburbs.

  12. If you want everything bar a tune done then I'm happy to help out. Makes things cheaper for you.
    I'm extending my hand of hope.............................. :)

  13. How would they be at doing a carbureted single cylinder trail bike? (dual sport if you're pedantic as I am)
  14. Not sure on that, guess the best thing to do is to give them a call.

    I have a DR as well, I've always been recommended to get a jet kit, hi flo air filter and pipe and then find someone who know how to tune a carb properly to dyno it properly.. The question is, is it worth the money? Not for me it's not but then I also have 2 x 1000cc sports bikes for the power rush :)
  15. Hi Octane
  16. Thanks for that mate, but I am mainly doing the standard service to keep an updated log book, for its re-seller value later on.
    But thanks for that
  17. Nah, just get it close, close is good enough. You're not gonna get much more power out of it by tuning it spot on. The stock carb is crappy anyway. Dyno tuning a DR650... only for those who have money to throw around, are curious, and just want it to be bang on perfect. Which a carbureted bike will never be anyway.
    I wouldn't buy a jet kit - just buy the 3 bigger jets, you don't need a new needle because the needle in the Australian delivered carburetor (E24) has all the needle clip positions.
    Personally I have an FCR-MX carb set up by mxrob which I reckon is awesome.
  18. I vote Sixtydegrees. Good service and best advice is always free. They also have some accessories for sale and do courses as well
  19. South East Motorcycles in Moorabbin - Steve is an great mechanic who is genuinely out there to get motorcycles back on the road, not to empty your wallet.
  20. E2W takes care of my bikes for me.