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Bike WooT, maybe

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wypuk, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Gday all
    im still lookin for the bike of my dreams lol or watever i can afford :twisted:
    i just got an offer to buy an 83 gpz 250 1983 chaindrive for a bottle of scotch
    hheeheh from a friend's dad
    all i know is that it needs a new battery and a tank
    from wat i understood on http://www.250ccbikes.com/thelist.html this should be the gpz250r as the normal ones came with a belt drive but the 250R were chain
    can some1 advise me on what i should look out for koz im a noobie when it comes to bikes and i dont want to bite off more than i can chew
    many thanx Wypuk

    PS for any1 that remembers (or cares) the spada idea didnt work out koz im too poor :oops: LOL
    again thanx

  2. errr so is it water cooled or is it air cooled??

    if it is the newer model (water cooled) it is actualy a GPX250 (same frame I think and defenately same engine, different fairings :)) For a botle of booze... take it fixit (the tank... rust in lower corrners, especialy LHS??)

    If it an older model... take it fixit... don't spent too much $$ on it..

    eather way you will learn heaps and have fun!!
  3. yeah thats what im thinking too, i'll prob pick it up this w/e and bring it hope and let my dad have a mild cardiac when he sees it hehe

    i figure its a good place to start, koz even if i do need to spend abit on it i dont think it'll go over a grand and this way i'll have something to ride on and go eventually go for P's and then the world is my oyster, its just a shame about dad's forthcoming cardiac tho :D

    thanx for the link Mouth it's given me some more things to think about :)

    i think once i get a bike it's just gonna go downhill from there and i'll ditch my camry all together hehe
  4. "errr so is it water cooled or is it air cooled?? "

    good question, ive no idea but i dont want to push my luck asking questions, something about looking a gift horse in the mouth