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bike wont turn over

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 187_cbr, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. hi im very new to bikes
    and this morning i started the bike
    it fired and all and warmed it for 5 mins
    and ride off then riding down my road i come to a set of lights
    and when i stoped the bike just stalled and didnt want to start again
    i started it on choke and the bike started but droped revs and stalled
    and it wont turn over
    any susgestion ?

  2. Theres only one suggestion that i can think of.

    Check the fuel tank setting.

    Is it on Reserve, On or Off

    If the petrol in your tank is low and you have your tank set on "ON" then switch to "RESERVE" and fill up.

    If your tank is full, then you might have accidently knocked the fuel setting to "OFF", turn it back "ON"
  3. wont turn over or wont fire(start)???

    2 VERY differant things
  4. it turn over when i hold the start
    but it wont start up/fire up
    could i have flood the carbs
    i have an cbr250rr
  5. Could be flooded i guess, could be out of fuel, what fuel have you been running?? if you have been using Shell then i sugest change fuels (BP is my brew of choice) stick some new plugs in and see if that works, while you have the plugs out check for spark.

    Have you knocked the kill switch??
  6. yeh i filled up yesterday
    with caltex 95 octane
    and the kill switch is off
  7. well baring all else (Timeing gone waco, low compression, etc)if you have fuel and spark she gota go, so:

    Pull the plug caps and stick a spare plug in to see if theres spark on all plugs.

    Pull the bowl drain screw and see if fuel pees out everywhere.
  8. the bike started
    my dad did something
    when i went down to the shops
    he said he pulled upthe choke up and started it
    im still very confessed with warming the bike in the morning
    people say dont leave it on choke too long
    and other say leave it for the whole warm up
    what do u susgestion ?
    i usally leave it on choke for a minute (i leave for work at 5:30 in the morning )then let it idle for abit and when i see the idle drop i rev it abit
    am i doing this all wrong ?
  9. each bike is different,
    My VFR i pull the choke, start it, then after about 30 - 60 seconds the revs go up significantly, i drop back to about half choke for another 60 secs then turn off choke all together.

    basical a choke adjusts your fuel / air ratio and makes the mixture richer (more fuel) (some also adjust the timing slightly as well).
    how long you have the choke on AND how much you have the choke on can vary depending on lots of things, height above sea level, air tempeture, humidity, plug heat range, type of fuel, the bike, compresion ratio.

    Each bike even in the same 'type' of bike can vary on what choke they like.

    I had one bike that would only start with choke regardless of how hot/cold it was, and an old XR200 that started with no choke perferctly.

    You'll get used to what your bike likes.
  10. On my ciblet i leave the choke up until the the revs rise to about 4k and the needle is at the top of the smaller box in the temp gauge and then let it sit at idle without the choke for a minute before i take off.

    Once you've started moving if it stalls don't try and start it with the choke because you'll flood it.
  11. yeah i was also told by a friend
    about how all bikes are different
    yeah im gonna try something new everyday
    and see what my bike likes

    thanx for all the advice

    im really enjoying all the stuff there is to learn about bikes
  12. Good on you for getting the bike sorted and going again.Advice given already about chokes and cold starts I agree with,they are all different and every one has it`s little quirks.You asked for advice,I might sound a bit like an RTA brochure,but,try a rider course,they cater to all abilities from novice to expert.You meet others in the same boat as you and the advice and training might just save your skin one day.
  13. yeah very true to that
    i should invest in somemore advance riding course
    the l's course doesnt show u much or prepares u enough for whats out there on the rides and thing u may incounter while riding