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Bike won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by BlueRex, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Last night the bike got caught in a huge down pour while i was in the shops. When i came out it would not start, it had power as the lights came on and the Neutral light also came on but it would not turn over nothing.

    I thought the electrics or the plugs may have got wet so i pushed it home and it has been under cover since 7.30 pm last night but still this morning it will do nothing.
    It won't turn over no starter motor noise nothing.....

    Any ideas please?

    It is a VTR250
  2. Not too sure about VTF 250,... perhaps Have you check the fuse ? kill switch is on or off ?
  3. I am such a retard... i didn't look at the kill switch because i have never knocked it before but sure enough it was set to of.

    Very embarrassing
  4. You wont do that again. :shock:
    I always use the kill switch to turn the engine off.
  5. killswitch engage

  6. No worries .. that happened to everyone :p I always turn it off the engine with key. :p :grin:
  7. No it hasn't. Most people have done something incredibly stupid in their biker life, but not that one in particular.


  8. What I meant is forgotten about the kill switch, not pushing the bike home .. :p
  9. nope sorry never forgotten about the killswitch..thats the first thing they taught me in pre-learners course :LOL:
  10. Don't tell anyone else. Your secret is safe on Netrider.
  11. I get slapped on the fingers if I don't...

    1) Turn the Bike off with the key while holding in the clutch
    2) Flick the kill switch to 'Kill'
    3) Thank Geepy for getting me home safe
    4) Put on the Disc Lock and reminder
    5) Blow raspberries at the Blackbird when it rains and I have to drive husband to work!