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Bike Wont start

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kransky.dan, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Hey all,
    need help again..... lol its not my fault!!! :grin: :grin:

    I was riding back from doc's and the bike was spluttering, i thought, fair enough i knew i was low on fuel, changed to reserve, took a while to start 5-8mins.
    Then went 10kms down the rode and it happened again :cry: just rolled into the petrol station and it stalled.
    NOW IT WONT START. and yes i filled it up.
    tried starting on reserve and on primary and nothing either way, it wont kick over. anyone got any ideas how i can start the thing? Its not battery coz that sounds fine.
    plz help me.

    Thanks again all, u lot have been life savers, save me again :)
  2. what sort of bike is it? Do you have PRI on the fuel switch?

    Happened to me the other day on me ZXR250 and I suspected either a bad batch of fuel or something dirty inside the tank.
  3. sorry, it is a Kawasaki zzr250.
    yea i do have a pri and a res, tried starting on both and nothing happens.
    If it is dirty fuel or blockage, how do i fix it? keep trying to start it? im a total noob so all help is gratefully accepted!!
  4. Sounds like a fuel blockage. Reserve picks up fuel from low in the tank, and any gunk or water lurking there is missed when the fuel tap is 'on'.
    The gunk or water fan block your fuel filter or carby.
    Carefully remove the float bowl(s) on the carby(s). If the level is low, or the bowl is empty, it indicates a blocked filter or float valve. the float valve lets fuel into the float bowl. It is a bit like a toilet cistern. The floats rise and shut off the valve. They vary in design, but operation is usually simple and obvious. spread a cloth to catch tiny parts. You shold be able to clean this out yourself.
    If the float bowl has fuel, look for fine 'sandy' crap in the bottom, or bubbles of water floating in the fuel. These suggest there is crap in the tank that has blocked the carby. You may need to partially disassemble the carby and clean it out with a can of carby cleaner. If so, I'd suggest getting a gasket and o-ring kit and replacing these. If you have two or more carbies, do them one at a time, so that you don't mix up the parts, which may be subtly different, and also so that the second can be a guide to reassembling the first.

    Once again, conduct any disassembly over a cloth so that small parts don't bounce into oblivion (to reappear only after you have spent a week buying an expensive replacement.)

    Good luck.
  5. Fuel-ignition-neutral-engine(start switch).

    Sniff the exhausts- is fuel getting through? Can you reach the carbie float bowls to remove the drain screw to check for fuel? Put a piece of metal in a plug cap, hold it near the bike (away from petrol!)- does a spark jump across the gap? Are you neutral and sidestand/clutch lever switches working properly?

    Dirty fuel is pretty common but it's rare it actually stops a bike altogether.