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bike won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by redliner, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I've just recently acquired a CBR250RR...And i've already have a problem...the previous owner did mention that the bike drops charge if you don't start the bike within a 2 weeks...

    I was riding earlier, the bike started, but about an half hour later when i went to start her up again, it wouldn't start....it cranked, but nothing...and now it doesnt even crank...

    according to the previous owner, the batter is about 8months old....

    anyone know what it the problem could be? and roughly how much it would be to rectify?
  2. see your serviceman and get him to check how much voltage the voltage regulator is putting into that near new battery.....
  3. Start it by pushing if need be. Turn on lights.
    Give bike a rev. if lights go up bright it is the battery.

    Get a newy and stop worrying. Batteries die for no apparent reason sometimes. If the bike has been laying around for a while, you can bet the battery is cactus.

    If lights don't go up with rev, charge is not occurring, see shop for help.

    Good luck.
  4. im new to all of this...I was going to take my bike in to get it tuned up and serviced tomorrow....and get this problem looked at...

    I don't have a battery charger to charge it up, is there an alternative way i can charge it so i can get out to the service place??

    all help is much appreciated...
  5. When i went to have a look at the bike before i bought it, the guy said he hadn't ridden it in a while...and the battery was flat, he had it charging for a bit before i got there...

    i'll give that a whirl...

  6. In a word -- No. Unless you have a ride on mower. My 2 ride ons both have motorbike batteries. Battery chargers are real cheap at KMart or Super Cheap etc.

    You should be able to push start it if there is enough power to sound the horn.

    If you have a car, you could risk putting it in parallel with the car battery but it is a risk with newer cars.
    Best bet, push start then ride straight to service shop.
  7. Try push starting it. If you don't have a hill to roll down, you can run beside it to get it up to speed, then jump, put it into gear, put your weight down and drop the clutch.

    If you don't want to (or can't) do that, just go to your nearest supercheap type store and buy a battery charger - you should be able to get one for around $10-15. Make sure the battery is disconnected before charging. It's best to remove the battery from the bike, in case of acid spills etc. Would be worth checking fluid levels while you're at it.

  8. If you're local i can bring a battery charger around and it should be good to go by tomorrow....Which suburb/state are you in??
    Other than that you might be able to push atart it and go for a long ride to recharge the battery but i don't think this will work if the battery is completly dead, i think it has to have enough charge to keep it running with electrics.
  9. Good advice.

    Just make sure you disconnect the negative (-) cable first. When reconnecting make sure you reconnect the negative last.

    Reason is that if you touch the positive to the frame by accident, with the negative off, there is no prob. If the neg is connected first and you touch the frame while touching the positive you will find out what it is like welding without a mask real quick.
  10. i pushed the bike, lights remained the same...

    what is the part of the bike called that charges the battery?

    thanks guys!
  11. That'd be the alternator. If the lights remain dim even when the bike's running then chances are it's the problem (would also explain why the battery keeps going flat).
  12. Hey redliner, no advice from me but much sympathy. Having a bike that doesn't start sucks. Like mine tonight :roll:

    Hope you get it sorted soon :)
  13. Did the bike start or were you just pushing it? Not trying to be a smartarse but I have heard that statment before and had to explain the difference between a push start and a push. :)
  14. pushed the bike and tried to start it...
  15. If you were only pushing the bike (and it didn't start) then you shouldn't expect the lights to change (unless you manage to push it around in gear).
  16. At the moment, the battery has enough charge to sound the horn, I'm going to go buy a battery charger tomorrow morning to charge the thing up so i can take it out to the service dude...

    Generally, how long would i need to charge the battery for? my journey to the service dude will take about 20mins...And they're closed on weekends so i would like to try to get this fixed, so i got the bike to use on the weekend :)
  17. Charging time will depend on the output of the battery charger (many batteries will actually have charging time for a given amperage). I bought myself the smallest capacity (and cheapest) car charger I could find - will charge my bike battery fully in about 30min~1hr.
    Edit: even cheap chargers now usually come with some sort of display to give you an idea of how charged the battery is.
  18. I remember when my mate was testing out the bike for me, he tested by revving the engine and putting his hand infront of the lights to see if it got brighter....and it didn't...

    The price was good for the bike, and was advised that it would cost that much to fix the problem...

    would this narrow it down to the alternator? or close to it?
  19. Was the light bright to begin with though, if the electrical system is working properly then there shouldn't be a change in light brightness between idle and higher revs. If the light is always dim then it suggests the alternator and/or voltage regulator is stuffed and the bike's running solely off the battery.
  20. Thanks JD!! your feedback has been much appreciated....and for everyone elses....I just need the indication just to organise everything and try to get the bike fixed by tomorrow arvo...