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bike wont start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chmaiden, May 30, 2010.

  1. Hi guys
    not overly technical so please be patient. Got a vtr250 - great bike and still learning. It had been a while since my last ride - about 5 weeks probably as i've been moving house etc. Went to go for a ride the other day and the battery seemed flat. I have charged it with my car battery charger - now i get the initial turnover of the starter motor, bu tthe engine doesnt fire and then i just get clicking noises.

    any ideas? Am desperate to go for a ride, and happy to go to confession as soon as i get the bike going...!!! ;-)

    help please!
  2. drain the fuel out of the tank. Its probably gone stale. Refill, jump start with your car. Check ur spark plugs/replace spark plug.
    Are you using the choke?
    Is the fuel tap turned off?
    Report back after this, this is just what i would do.
    Someone might be able to provide more
    Good Luck
  3. cheers mate - will do that
    fuel tap is on, stand is up, choke is on. Havent figured out how to get the spark plug out yet as the plug spanner that I have is obviously for a car so too awkward to get into the hole.
    will have a go at drainign the fuel as well when i get the chance later in teh week
  4. Ah yeah, try to push start it and let it idle for 5 mins, then take it for a burn around the block to clear the carbs. Id take the battery out too get it tested for cranking amps in the near future.
  5. really re push start? I thought i only did that if the battery was low - i've left it on charge for a few hours. happy to give anythign a go tho to get it going!
  6. I've had the carbs on my bike get empty (expensive reason involving a bump and some grass to land on), and have needed to put the fuel tap on PRI (might be different on your bike) to fill them back up before the bike would start. It bypasses the vacuum diaphragm. Might help?
  7. I really doubt its fuel, its sounds like your battery is still flat and the clicking noise is your starter struggling to turn over. lack of power is probably giving you trouble to spark aswell.
  8. I would tend to agree with electrical first and then fuel. Can you clarify your statement

    "i get the initial turnover of the starter motor, but the engine doesnt fire and then i just get clicking noises."

    Does it turn over for a while, at normal sounding speed?
    For how long?
    How old is the battery?
  9. +1 On trying a jump start from your car. It sounds like your battery is still low. Depending on the charger, a few hours charge may not have been enough. You may need a new battery.
  10. As a couple of others, and maybe more knowledgable have said, check your battery first, as this will most likely be your problem.
    Check that it is holding voltage, then, if it is not a sealed battery, take out the plugs in the top, and check the level of the fluid in the battery.
    You might find that this level has dropped below the plates, and if it has, charging from a charger will be of little benefit.
    You could top it up, and charge, but eventually you will be better to just get a new battery, if this is the case.
    Peace of mind then , that you won't have a problem with the battery....
    Draining fuel incase of stale fuel will be of no benefit, and a waste of time, if you don't have enough current in the battery to turn the starter over.
  11. will have a go tonight - will leave on charge all day.

    re the sound - i sometimes get the initial "vroom" growl (cant think of a better way of describing it!) but then it goes back to the ticking. will pop down bunnings and get a multimeter
  12. may as well buy a new one for $40
  13. ok - tested the battery with a multimeter i got from Dick Smith - 12v goign through there ok. Have stuck it on charge for a bit as well. Will try and see if i can get the spark plugs out to have a look after i;'ve had my tea!!!!
  14. Have the voltmeter connected and visible when you try starting it, how the battery performs under load adds more info for diagnosis.
  15. If the battery was flat and is old then it will not hold significant charge, maintenance free Gel batteries are notorious for not holding charge if they have gone flat a few times.
    I would be 90 % sure you need a new fresh battery.
  16. right - left it on charge for another couple of hours and got the missus to watch the meter when i tried to start it - was on about 13.1 at the beginning - nearly sparked into life then went down to 12.1 and no joy. I have downloaded the vtr250 workshop manual - tells me 12.8 is normal
  17. You have a dead battery, I'm 100% convinced now. It may be showing 12-13 volts but it doesn't have enough cranking amps to start your bike.
  18. i think that you're probably right - where do i get a new one? Am in Western Suburbs of Melbourne - dont particularly want to pay honda rates!
  19. K-Mart does sell bateries for bikes and jet skis - look at the specs of your batt and sompare it to the chart available at the stores, prices are decent as well
  20. Any motorcycle workshop will stock batteries, just shop around.