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bike wont start

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by notorious_nick, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. hi guys.

    i have a cbr600rr 07 model which i bought as a repairable write off. the bike apparently has started since the accident but wont any more.

    i got the plugs out and they are black a smell a bit oily / petroly, with a small amount of green on them (corrosion?). the bike hasnt been started in a while.

    to be safe im going to replace the plugs, but are there any other methods of kickstarting a bike. ive heard of the stuff you spray in carbies to kick them into life, but its an injected bike.

    any ideas guys?
  2. If a bike hasn't started for a while it can be in good working order but just plain hard to start. You could try spraying some StartYouBastard or equivelant in the air filter. Should be available at any auto parts shop. A small splash of metho in the air intake can do a similar job.

    Plugs sound suspect so well worth at least cleaning if not replacing. Not sure about the green - moss? :LOL:

    Unfortunately if it still doesn't start after that there can be 1001 reasons a bike won't start and it could be anyone of them.

    What you need to do is start with the obvious and work down the list. Most workshop manuals have a list which you can work down.

    So asking the obvious do you have spark? Do you have fuel (getting to the cylinders not just in the tank? Do you have air?
  3. Green on a plug can signify coolant...
    Suggest pressure test cooling system leaving pressure on for about 10 mins then crank it over (all plugs removed) watching carefully for any liquid or mist out of plug holes.
    If ok then drop in a new set of plugs and try to start it.
    Using an ether based product on a petrol motor is not recommended, if you wish to give it a hand then use carby clean, wd40, even your missus hair spray....