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bike wont start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kaveman, May 28, 2009.

  1. today i let my mate have a go on my bike (GPX250) doing slow speed stuff (biggest mistake ever) and after about 5 mins he stacked it and it was on the floor. lucky it was really slow when he went down so no fairing damage at all, only a tiny little scratch.

    so i waited a while, trying every 5 mins or so to get it to start, but it wudnt (obviously engine mustve been flooded). finally it did start, and i rode off back home (about 15 mins away). i was riding for about 3/4 mins and then as i came to a stop near a traffic light, the bike died on me again. along the way the bike did feel weird, it made some sort of sputtering noise every time i winded the throttle open or close. i made the mistake of not revving it whilst standing stationary with the clutch in, and so it died on me. so i took it to the side, and kept trying to start it. didnt work. i then decided that i'd have to wheel it back home, so i killed every muscle and bone in my body wheeling a 170kg bike back home (im only 5'8. 65 kg), with alot of the way uphill. took me about an hour, with regular breaks. along the way i kept trying to start it, but it wudnt.

    so then i got back home around 5. i then went down just then (around 9, i.e. 4 hrs later) and it still wont start. ive tried cranking the throttle all the way whilst pressing ignition, and ive tried both choke on and choke off. also i just filled the tank completely with petrol yesterday, so fuel's definitely not a problem. in fact, theres almost an overload of fuel (filled it almost overflowing) , which might mean the engine gets flooded even worse? (not sure about this, just guessing)

    what do u guys rekon? im pretty sure the engine flooded problem shudve resolved after 4 hours, or shud i wait and try tmrw again? the bike was dropped at very slow speed, almost stationary. so im hoping there isnt any internal problem that could be causing this, but maybe there is? what could go wrong internally after dropping a bike? im really confused coz in the prelearner course we had a girl who dropped her cb250 about 4 times and after every drop the instructor got it starting instantly again. so why is my gpx250 playing up so much? until this it was running fine, no problems at all. hope i dont have to see a mechanic, coz the mate's in a fair bit of financial strife and i wudnt wanna make him pay for the repairs, but also i dont wanna pay for something i didnt do.

    thanks for the help
  2. First off all, what happens when you hit the starter?
    Does it sound like it's trying to turn over but doesn't or one big click and nothing?
    Have you checked the electrics including cables to the battery to make sure they haven't some off?

    Is it in gear when you're trying to start or neutral? Have you noticed any bends in the gear lever?
  3. it sounds like its trying to turn over, but it doesnt. ive tried holding the starter down for 10-15 secs, and it still wont start.
    i havent checked any cables yet, but the indicators and headlights all work so the battery isnt dead, although it mightve disconnected itself from the spark plugs i guess. is this likely?
    i tried starting the bike in neutral. and the bike fell to the right side so the gear lever shudnt have been affected at all.
  4. Sounds a little like no spark or no fuel.
    Check sparks or time turning the petc0ck to prime and trying to turn over.

    Failing that you will need to wait for one of the more experienced people to look at your post
  5. thanks mate...it's definitely not a low fuel problem the tanks almost completely full...spark's more likely. but hopefully someone might have an idea wat else could be wrong
  6. GPX250's don't like falling over. I've noticed many suffer from wet plugs every time they fall. The 4 hour wait should have been long enough, but try it again tomorrow anyway and hopefully it will fire up. :)

    ...CB250's are totally indestructable so falling over won't bother them. Hell you could drive tank over a CB and it would probably start and ride perfectly. GPX requires a bit more love and consideration but still a fantastic learner bike despite this common issue. :)
  7. you might have drained your battery by holding on the starter. also you should not hold on to it for 10-15 seconds, you can burn out wiring and really drain your battery. best bet is to remove the sparks n get some pliers and heat the end up in a bit of flame, burn off that fuel, and let em cool. put em back in, jump start it. should be running alright.
  8. What happens with many bikes when they take a fall is the float needles don't want to re-seat properly. So you get flooding at low revs. At higher revs the bike should clear up.

    Get the bike started by not using choke, then holding the starter button and slowly winding open the throttle.

    Then rev the bike to try and get the needles to clear. If they won't clear with the bike stationary, you may need to take it for a ride and hold it in second and give it some for as long as you can.

    If that doesn't clear it, you may need to pull the carbies and givce the bottom end a clean.

    Sometimes e10 can help. Drain your tank and put e10 in before you do a second rev clearing if it doesn't work the first time.
  9. what to do , open up the air box, spray a lot of wd40 spray into the box(minus the air filter) making a fine mist and hit the starter, should start no probs
  10. How long since your last service? The plugs might be fouled and need cleaning or replacing. Similar problem I had with mine a bit over a week ago, I rode out the driveway and ran out of fuel then flooded it when trying to start on reserve. I pulled the plugs out and they were filthy, put new plugs in and she fired up after a few chugs to clean out the excess fuel in the chamber.
  11. First of all, the good news is that it will start. When my ex put down her bike on its side for the second time and stood there yelling at me to pick it up by the time I looked and worked out what had happened, I faced the same situation as you. I made the mistake of starting it, running it for about 1-2 minutes (it ran rough) then turned it off. It wouldn't start again after that. About an hour later, here's how it got started. I pushed..... and pushed..... and pushed it for about 15 minutes on and off and the person on it held the throttle open about 1/2-3/4 (no choke) and it eventually push started in second (using the starter motor to help it along as well). Once started, ride it for at least 10 minutes with some revs and do not stop it. It might run rough for a while but don't stop riding it until idles without sounding like its going to stop. Good luck.
  12. get some "start ya bastard" from stupidcrap auto
  13. took it to the mechanic, apparently it was a fuel supply problem, there was plenty of fuel in the tank but it wasnt getting into the carburetor after i dropped it. wasnt too expensive to fix so pretty happy

    i didnt really ride it much today but one thing strange did happen. when i started the bike in neutral, i reveved it up to 3000 rpms for a few seconds, then when i pulled in the clutch to go into first, it stalled and lurched violently. i then started the bike again and it went into first properly the second time. this hasnt happened before to me...any idea wat couldve caused that?

    i'll ride the bike again tmrw and see if it happens again, if it was just a one off thing not too worried
  14. A lot of Kawaskis do that, my old ER-5 was shocking for it. You just need to let it warm up a bit more. I used to squeeze the clutch a couple of times as well for luck. Once it's warm up it shouldn't be a problem. :) [/code]
  15. I think squeezing the clutch is what made it better.

    My morning start up ritual is hop on bike, put on full choke, pull in clutch, press starter button until bike starts, release clutch, manipulate choke until bike idles at 3000 rpm, put on gloves, pull in clutch for 30 seconds, turn off choke, roll bike slowly forward as shift to first, ride off.

    Apparently, and don't quote me, when you pull in the clutch lever it enables oil to spread between the clutch plates so they will slip rather than stick together. Also, turning off the choke before you shift to first will minimise the lurch you get.

    Depending on how cold it is, for the first five minutes shift before you hit 6000 rpm, and you may need to give the bike a tiny bit of throttle when stationary to keep it from stalling. Once it has warmed up, everything works purrfectly. :wink:
  16. Just a thought but has the choke lever accidently been knocked onto the on posistion? This may cause all sorts of engine running problems...

    Also in relation to the 1st gear start and lurching violently, all GPX250's suffer from this clutch action when started up from cold. If you pull the clutch in for 10 secs while in neutral, the oil lubricates the clutch and when you pop it into 1st, it will slide in smoothly.
  17. I invented a remedy for the "Lurch" problem you cite when dropping the bike into gear after starting it.

    Before starting the bike:

    1. Sit on bike

    2. Put stand up

    3. Rock bike gently back and forth with your right foot on the ground, at the same time, without using the clutch, drop it into 1st gear without using the clutch... you will feel the lever do a positive click into gear.

    4. Pull in the clutch, and rock the bike back and forth again... more vigorously this time. At first you will get a clonk clonk noise each rock. This is just the backlash in the drive-train taking up. After a couple of times the clutch and friction plates will completely seperate, (you will feel this) do not let the clutch out, switch on the ignition and hit the starter. The bike will start with no lurch.

    For the above, I've assumed the bike is not in gear when you have approached it, the clutch is adjusted properly & the safety interlocks will let the bike start in gear, as long as the stand is up and the clutch is pulled in... as most modern bikes do.