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Bike wont start, please help.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Hobo, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. im a new rider and i drop myvtr250 while practicing slow speed tight u turns. it wasnt dropped hard. after i got it back up, i tried to start up again, but engine wont start. pls help. :cry:

  2. um have you checked the kill switch? Don't be embarrassed if it is clicked off, we have all done it. Oh except me of course :grin:
  3. it hit the engine stop switch while i was on my side, i did the usual start engine routine, Ignition on, stop switch to Run, clutch in, press starter button but all i hear is a few clicks :?
  4. You've flooded it - happens when you drop it.

    Hold the throttle wide open and hold the starter down. Hold it down for about 5 seconds, then let it sit for 10 seconds or so before trying again, repeat as necessary until it staggers into life.

    Alternatively if you leave it for a few hours the fuel should drain down by itself and then it will start.
  5. You need to be very careful - the VTR250 can flood the combustion chamber with engine oil when it tips over.

    Please remove the sparkplugs and attempt to "start" the engine. Does it turn over? Be careful, if it has oiled up you will get a stream of oil ejected from the plug holes.

    Here is a link to a thread where this happened at the beginning of the week:


    If the engine won't turn over with the plugs out you have most probably flattened the battery. Since the light is on when the key is on this is not hard to do. Charge the battery, pull the plugs and try again.

    All the best

    Trevor G