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Bike Wont Start - Please help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by es, May 23, 2006.

  1. Simple problem that could be many things.... bike wont kick over

    Not a battery problem, its fully charged
    Not low on petrol, almost full tank

    I tried to start it in first gear, clutch in all the way but it jumped like the clutch wasnt in??

    Since the last time I fueled up (somewhere dodgy, could be bad fuel?) it has occasionally cut out at the lights and wouldnt start again untill i put it on reserve. But there is definetly an almost full tank in there, and once started and moving, i could turn it back off reserve and it would run fine (untill a few sets of lights later)

    It wouldnt start yesterday, but last night when I got home and it was bright and sunny it started first try.(On full and not reserve) I assumed the electrics must have got wet & then i flooded the engine trying to get it started or something, took it out for a spin and put a cover on it when i got home.

    Im home all day today, so would really apreciate some advice asap.

    Issue solved temporarlly with new spark plugs, some metho in the tank and a new battery. But now not starting again.

  2. yea my gpx does the same thing when cold that is the clutch is in but gear still grips.

    when you say it started last night was the fuel tap on res or on? because earlier you said on res it worked then later when you put it on 'on' it stopped maybe when the fuel was used up from the carb bowls from no fuel flow when on?

    also when roll strating try and 2nd gear i think it's easier i say i think because i dont roll start often.

    anyways hope this helps and im sure more experiences members will also reply
  3. Very sound advice.

    If all else fails, I know when I need to get somewhere in a hurry or just get the bike home, if u put it into second, give yourself a big push or find someone friendly to help push, pop the clucth - bike should start.

  4. When you say the bike won't kick over, do you mean that nothing at all happens when you hit the starter button?

    Or will the motor turn over but it just won't fire up?

    If nothing happens when you hit the button, do the instrument warning lights come on? Does the headlight work?

    If "yes", I'd be looking at the starter motor and associated wiring.

    If "no", your battery isn't doing its job.

    If the motor turns over when you hit the button but it won't fire up, think about stuff like dodgy fuel, fuel line blockages, spark plugs, plug leads (check to see if any spark is reaching the plugs), carbie problems...

    Good luck!
  5. The jumping thing seemed weird because its never done that to me before.
    It was on full and not reserve when it started last night.
    I tried to push start but I suck and couldnt get it to start.
    I think ive run the battery down trying to start it :( am waiting on a charger from someone.
  6. Just a thought (and maybe stating the obvious), but have you tried starting with it in neutral?

    When I got my last bike, the clutch was poorly adjusted such that when cold, there was to much 'bite' which made it impossible to kick start. Once warmed up the problem dissapeared. This can be a characteristic of wet clutches, I was able to make a minute adjustment which fixed this, however it became moot as I then began roll starting as a regular start up procedure (remember the RS250 has no elec start).

    Another cause of clutch drag on four cylinders can be overfilling the oil - has it been changed reacently?

    Best of luck regardless.
  7. I always start in neutural, but because it wasnt working, gave first a shot too.

    I recently (a couple of weeks ago) had minor service done, oil change, oil filter, new clutch cable & lever, & new brake pads. havent had any problems starting untill yesterday.
  8. In regards to the clutch issue, Eswen, have you recently had your oil change??? The GPX and ZZR's have 'issue' with some types and brands of oil. It isn't anything bad but sometimes it can be slightly annoying. The clutch plates don't fully disengage because the get 'sticky' with certain oils and won't fully disengage. You can usually over come this by holding the clutch in for about 15 secs before taking off (when cold startin).

    When the engine is warmed up the sticky clutch issue should go away if it is the oil. It only tends to happen on REALLY cold days or when you start it first thing in the morning. You'll prolly find it doesn't always do it either. For the record mine does it occasionally and i am running Motul 20W
  9. Eswen,

    Couple of things that may help....

    1. Try roll starting your bike in 4th or 5th gear, the idea is less effort to roll start your bike. Doing it in 1st or 2nd is just asking for you to drop it while trying. Be fast to pull the clutch in if you hear it fire and keep your throttle up after you get the clutch in. Works this way, did it myself on the weekend for a friend's CBR600F4, you don't even need much of a run up or speed and we did it in my drive way.

    2. Also given winter is kicking in, if you have corrosion on your battery terminals, it could be helping to kill your electrics. If they are dirty, clean them with a bit of wet 'n dry sand paper or steel wool etc. Just make sure you take the + terminal off first. A poor contact can stop your battery charging well or stop the voltage passing thro to start your bike.

    Good luck, hope some of this helps you... :)
  10. There's no need to use a gear that high. I roll started my bike three time yesterday and did it in first gear everytime. It is a pice of piss and in no way even came close to jolting me off the bike or anything. It just smoothly started to kick over, so i gave the bike alittle rev while pulling the clutch in and she started purring like a kitten.
  11. Ok that works for you and your bike, but I don't agree it's the easiest way :?, courses for horses.

    Personally there is no way I would do a roll start in first gear, especially if it was a heavy bike. Have you ever roll started a 600cc I4 or bigger bike before? It is real easy to lock up the rear wheel trying to do a roll start. A healthy bike will turn over fairly easy in first gear agreed, but a bike having issues may not and it may not be as you put it "a piece of piss" to start.
  12. Fair enough. Second gear would be fine too. The only reason i gave this advice is that My bike runs the same Engine as Eswen's and have found mine much easier to roll start in first gear then any higher ones.
  13. Yeah I understand where you are coming from there mate.

    My Girlfriend used to have a '96 ZZR250, but after we had some battery problems with it, the ZZR was really hard to roll start and it was nearly droped trying to do so. Just didn't want Eswen experiencing the same thing.

    Top 250cc bikes those GPX's & ZZR's
  14. Issue solved with new spark plugs and some metho in the tank. Im pretty sure it was just bad fuel. The true test will be tomorrow when i try to start it in the morning!
  15. Cool, glad to hear you've got it running again. :)

    I've heard before that condensation can build up in the fuel tank and cause water to be passed through the bike engine and cause it to be hard to start and/ or run like crap.

    :roll: **Disclaimer** Not sure how true the above statement I've made is, but a friend of mine in Tassie also once sugguested a bit of Metho in the tank to prevent problems with condensation in winter for older bikes.

    Anyone else know about this sort of thing?
  16. well it wouldnt start this morning... eventually got it running when jump started. Dont intend to do this again if i can help it because ive heard its very bad for the electrics.
    So going to pull an almost new battery out of a friends bike and see how that goes, if it helps a stack ill buy a new battery. How much am I looking at for a new one and where from?
  17. A metho fix means water in the tank right? So shouldn't you drain the tank to fix the problem?
  18. I had battery problems a couple of weeks ago but thought it might have just been a once off, obviously not. The metho should have fixed the fuel enough to run right?

  19. Although your not in Adelaide, I bought a brand spankin newy from GC Motorcycles here for my GPX for $44...
  20. Not necessarily, it depends if you have thoroughly cleared the carbie bowls of water. There is usually a drain, or a clip that allows you to easily remove the bowl. As said earlier, drain and re-fill the tank.