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Bike won't start or change gears after a drop

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Flavouredbread, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Kawasaki 250 Ninja. - The bikes electrical's turn on, but the ignition doesn't catch, and can't change gears out of neutral (or so says the neutral light).

    So the other night I parked my bike in a little dead end area a bit off road and I guess the rain must of made the soil a bit weaker cause about a minute after having the kickstand down it kind just fell over slowly. I managed to catch it a bit but it still ended up hitting the ground with a bit of a thud.

    Not a massive problem, or so I thought, we've all dropped our bikes a few times, bound to happen. But lo and behold the bike won't start up. At first I thought I flooded the engine but after pushing what now equated to a 160 kg bicycle, I realized that down shifting into first was extremely hard to do, with it going into neutral 90% of the time, and upshifting was impossible. The gear lever clicks but the neutral light stays on.

    I can't exactly pedal my way down to the nearest mechanic so if anyone could give me an idea of what's wrong maybe I can have a go at fixing my poor darling up.
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  2. Kill switch?
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  3. What year is the ninja? Is there anything visibly bent at the shift linkage or side stand, can you see any tiny cracks around the shift shaft?
    What do you mean by "won't catch"? Does the starter spin, but the engine not turn over, or does the engine turn over but not start, or does nothing happen when you hit the starter button?
  4. Did the gear lever get moved on its shaft to the gearbox ? grab it and see if there is any movement between lever and the shaft itself - should be none. If loosened gear selection is erratic and it will stop engine starting if "true" neutral is not selected. Otherwise check clutch lever for mud/ damage as some Kwakas have a clutch switch which makes starting the bike impossible unless clutch is pulled in. If this is damaged or dirty the ignition lights come on but starter won't turn over. If the clutch switch is damaged try unplugging the wires and join them together.
  5. Hahaha no the kill switch isn't engaged

    Umm the starter spins but the engine doesn't turn over. Sorry, not the best with bike terminology, bit new.

    I'll have a look at these, thanks for the suggestions.
  6. So I had a bit of a fiddle, it starts up now but still refuses to upshift past neutral. Feels like it only half shifts, so I can get it into first, and neutral but not any higher, which is a major improvement from not starting up but still an a problem.
  7. shift arrow.JPG

    Look for anything loose, damaged or bent around this area of the bike (the gear shift), especially at the part the arrow is pointing at.
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  8. OK , assuming gear lever is tight on shaft and not slipping when you upshift I would stop the engine with bike still in first gear. Let clutch out with motor stopped and try rocking bike backwards and then forwards repeatedly and hard enough to feel like it is turning the engine slightly. Try and be jerky with this as it sounds like one of the gear selector arms in the gearbox has jammed in the fall. If this doesn't work get a mate and lay the bike down briefly on the opposite side to your recent fall.
    Failing this it sounds like the bike shop is next.......
  9. Yep, see if you can change gear by rocking the bike back and forward as ECC says above.