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Bike won't start completely dead.. please help!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by olympicwiz, May 31, 2015.

  1. I have Suzuki SV650S 2011 model. Yesterday went for a ride and stopped at a friend's place.
    When I went to get my bike to go home, nothing at all happened as I turned my ignition key to start it up.

    Completely dead. No lights came up .. nothing. I was kinda on top of the hill so tried to start off the third gear rolling it down but could not. It felt like it was starting but could never catch on. Almost lost control of the bike twice as I kept locking the back wheel.

    I went over today thinking that it maybe a battery and tried to hot start it connecting jump wires but it is completely dead.

    Any thoughts? Thinking maybe it is ECU?

    Any suggestions for a good mobile mechanic in Sydney or if that doesn't work, any motorcycle transportation?

    Cheers and many thanks in advance
  2. Can you test the voltage on the battery? Maybe you need a new one.
  3. Definitely something electrical. Could be as simple as a loose wire or blown fuse, as complex(read: expensive) as a fracked ecu.
  4. That is what I thought so brought in a jump start that is powerful enough to start the cars .. Nada!
  5. check battery voltage, with key off, then with key on.
    I had 12.5V with no key, but cos cells were stuffed, dropped to maybe 4 or 5V with key on.
    jumpstarter sorta indicates not battery

    if battery checks out, check fuses. then check ignition switch (wiggle key etc)

    then start checking of voltage is getting to fuel pump, ecu etc
  6. What really puzzles me.. I stopped for like an hour and when I went back to it ... it was completely dead.

    Checked fuses ..all appear to be fine. I have a spare ECU but doubt it is a problem.
  7. Don't know how to check ignition switch. Hence I think I may need a mobile mechanic/electrician to fix it.
  8. You've check the kill switch right ?
    Try shorting it out.
  9. Originally I thought that the battery is dead. So was going to jump start it like I done previously and just buy a new battery.
    But it is dead and won't start. I left the bike near Cammeray/Northbridge all the way down the hill and trained/bussed it home to the Eastern suburbs.

    Kept flicking the kill switch but no idea how to check it and short it. Unfortunately the bike is about 40min from where I live..So after spending an hour this morning I returned home to seek remedies.
  10. The main fuse is one that people often overlook. This fuse is usually separate to the other fuses and is commonly in the Starter Solenoid enclosure. As you say there are no lights at all this fuse would be my first check.

    Buy a couple of them, it may be a sign of an electrical fault that will need to be tracked down.
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  11. Hey thanks anyway. It is hard when the bike so far away... hence I think I may need either a mobile mechanic or a transportation organized to the motorbike shop.
  12. Are they need to be specific to my brand of the bike?
  13. Going to head out to the bike now. I was told there is a spare 30A fuse next to it. Would Cheap Auto Spares sell them?
  14. Like oldcorollasoldcorollas I can find reference that it is a 30amp fuse but can't find any picture of it. His guess of a blade fuse is probably your best bet.

    What we can't tell is if there is an underlying electrical fault that is blowing the fuse or if it was just one of those things. You can try and see and it may get you home. Alternatively it may blow straight away and you will be back where you started from.

    I don't know anything about this company but if the fuse fails to get you going perhaps it's your next option.

  15. It makes perfect sense Chris. If there is a fundamental electrical problem, it would blow the healthy fuse right away. Hope it was one of those things or maybe even it is not the fuse.

    Thanks for the tip for the mobile mechanic. May need to call them if all fails.
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    do you have a multimeter? can take pictures in the field? :D

    if it is blade fuse, supercheap will sell them, as will servos, BCF, jaycar etc

    green connector thing, probably worth lifting the tank and checking that first.

    fwiw, plug should have 4 wires, toward front of bike (going to ignition switch) should be Red, Brown, and two orangey (orange, and orange/yellow) wires
    toward rear of bike, should be black/red, brown, orange and orange/red)
  17. I have a multimeter but not really electrically minded unfortunately! Just checked in the manual and it states there is a spare 30A fuse under the seat.