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Bike wont start, backfired once.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by vladpp, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Well after a carb disassembly and clean it was running perfectly, starting on the first crank. I left it for a bout 4 hours, then i try to start it and nothing, latter i see a spark from a red wire going into the ignition key thing. So i tape it up and try again. Still not starting, however it did make a HUGE bang witch i assume is backfire.

    Posible problems that im aware of:

    - the shorted wire, witch is now taped up soon to be replaced.

    - i have no idea if/where the vacuum tubes are supposed to connect to

    - it put 95 octane petrol, probably not a issue.

    - for the period of time between running great and giving me the shits, if i gave it throttle when it was under 3k rev's it would stall, so basicaly choke till 3k then throttle.
  2. the guys might be able to help you out but i am definately sure that it can and cannot be precise because they are not physically there to inspect the problem. so the laternate would be

    trailor it to the mechanics
  3. That happend to me in the freeway once on my 250... check ALL wires and vaccum lines under the petrol tank... if not then i suggest to put it all back together and dont attempt to "fix" it yourself, chuck it on a tralier and take it to the mechanics.
  4. the main one you are worried about is the vacuum line from the top of the carbies (or the inlet manifolds) to the back of the fuel tap.

    You need to make sure this one is in place. You may need to set the tap to "pri" to get it to start.

    If it doesn't fire on choke, then turn the choke off, hold the starter button and slowly wind open the throttle.

    did you set your float levels?
  5. And it is...?

    Trevor G
  6. The device that converts chemical energy into kinetic energy with the purpose of displacing my mass at astronomical velocity...

    But seriously, the engine was idling nicely @ 800rpm, very responsive to throttle, returned rapidly to idle after throttle was released. All the lights were on and not affected by the engine running.

    I will hopefully (hate the time tomorow to) take the tank off to have a better look at the wires and take a couple of photos in case somebody can see where the elusive vacuum tube is supposed to connect to.
  7. Trevor meant what BIKE are you working on. :roll:
    It may help.

    (then trevor wonders why some noobs get flamed)

    Its a 1987 Suzuki GF250. From what i heard its the precursor to Suzuki GSX250F 'Across'.


    I took off the guages and found a couple of wires were broken, witch would explain why the speedo and the 1st gear position light didnt work.

    AND.... (DRUMROLL)

    There was a red cable leading into the ignition lock that was very worn and about 1/3 of the actual wire left.