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Bike Wont start after tinkering. What have i dont

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by aimre, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Okies, here the story. Got me a Suzi bandit a while ago, rode from melb to sydney without a hitch. The only problem it seemed to have was when turning right, revs would go up.

    So anyways i found the service manual for a gsf400, whick unlike the 250 only has one cable coming off the throttle. So n e ways played with it, fixed the problem, played with the other cable. The throttle return.

    Anyways I reved the motor, then it suddenly died, and wouldnt start again.

    Now it turns over, but doesnt even want to try to start, even with some throttle. Thried putting the cables back to where they were, not helping, not even the slightest attempt at starting.

    Where do i start

  2. Kill switch? Have a look and see that it is in the run condition and you haven't disconnected wires or shorted them.
  3. It turns over, but when it does, it doesnt sound like it wants to start at all.

    also ive attached the gsf250 manual page on the throttle. When they say loosen the thing, which way do i turn, to see more thread of less.

    Currently the cables are adjusted such that no thread can be seen, ie, you can only turn them one way. Hope this makes sense.
  4. can you return it back to the state it was before you started tinkering? That way you return to a known good point, and slowly change one thing at a time and find out what caused the issues.
  5. The adjustments were as tight as possible, i tried putting it there, but still didnt start.

    Might be coincidence i was tinkering
  6. If you don't get any sound at all like its wanting to start then its either electrical (spark not crank) or fuel starvation.

    Start with fuel:

    How old is the fuel that is in the bike?
    Has the bike been sitting for a while before you started work on it, e.g. weeks/months?
    You may want to drain the carbs to see if the float bowls contain fuel and purge any water that may have collected. If fuel seems Ok then you need to move on to electrical tests.

    The next step I would guess would be to pull the spark plugs out and see what colour they are. If the bike was running rich they may be gummed up.

    Best of luck.
  7. the throttle cable was initiall routed incorrectly.

    Now that you've fiddled with it, it is snagged and has the carbies wide open. You need to find where it is snagged and route it propperly. It may be in the hand mechanism, down at the carbies, or in between.