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Bike wont start after 3 months...need advice

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by kave, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I just got off a 3-month speeding suspension on my red Ps and am having trouble starting the bike. Its a Kawasaki GPX250 (2007).

    I disconnected the battery for the 3 months, but did nothing else to it. So yesterday I reconnected the battery and tried to start the bike. It's cranking over fine so the battery is not a problem, but the engine itself wont start, irrespective of whether I apply choke or not. Im a complete noob when it comes to these matters Ive never opened a bike (or a car) up before and the only maintenance Ive done on it is lubing the chain and changing the oil and oil filter. I did abit of a search on google and understand that the problem is most likely related to the carbs and/or valves? Any advice on what to do would be awesome.

    This is probably asking too much but I live in maroubra, sydney, so if anyone lives around there and would be willing to lend a hand if I do need to open the bike up I would be eternally grateful, and would compensate with beer or any other beverage of your choice :)
  2. Fuel would be the first guess. It does age and get moisture in the tank. Worth draining the carburetors and putting fresh fuel in the tank. Carburetors can collect water from condensation.
  3. Unleaded fuels have a lot of detergent in them. This can gum up the plugs and jets.
    Too late now but when you store a bike it's a good idea to drain the tank.
    So what you need to find out is it fuel or spark.
    Best way is to pull one plug out and have a look at it.
    But before you do.....
    First check the kill switch.
    Then that it's in neutral.
    And if it has a fuel cock. If it does go to prime. Turn the choke on and no throttle. Kick it over a bit.
    If you smell petrol, like it's flooded. Then turn off the choke. Give it Full throttle and turn it over till it fires.
  4. I would still try and charge the Battery... it might crank, but probably too drained to kick over!
  5. ... and if not starting it won't take too long cranking over until it does start to drain.

    Often the hard bit is getting the thing to initally fire but once it does it manages to continue running. If you have good spark, then you could try a touch of Start ya Bastard or the like in the airfilter... or as I never have it but do have metho, a squirt of that. If you can't get to the air filter easily try pulling a couple of spark plug and dripping a bit stright into the cylinder.
  6. What the guys above have posted is the second thing I would be looking at.

    Firstly, however, most bikes have a prime position on their taps. It is there for this very reason. After a few months there will be no fuel left in the float bowls of the carbies. The vacuum drawn during cranking won't get enough fuel into the bowls to start if they are dry.

    make sure the battery is well charge. Put the tap on "pri" and leave for a few minutes.

    Then start cranking. Another thing to help here is to leave the choke off, hold the starter button and slowly wind open the throttle. Try starting the normal fashion forst however.

    After that what the guys above have said is true. If it starts get a tank of e10 next tank. This will help lean up gum in the fuel system.

    If it doesn't start then put the tap on prime and then drain the float bowls. Any water about will find it's way there. then try to start.
  7. Seriously doubt moisture is the issue. Choke on and keep cranking. If you start to smell fuel, choke off, let her sit for 10 minutes then keep cranking with throttle open. She'll fire up eventually.
  8. Have you tried roll starting it? If it starts then, at least you've narrowed down the problem.

    Engines need three things only: fuel, air and electricity. Start with the easy things first - it's unlikely to be an issue getting air, so charge the battery up and then check the spark. The spark should jump 6mm - 7mm pretty easily.

    If it's sparking strongly, it's most likely a fuel issue and you can try the various things suggested above. No point in stuffing about with the fuel system before you know it's the problem.
  9. If the battery has also been sitting for 3 months with no activity I would suspect that first.
    Charge the battery..despite it cranking fine it may not have the oomph to crank the engine and fire the plugs with a fat spark.
    The fuel should be usable but I would chuck a good couple of glugs of metho into the tank...if there is moisture in the tank the meths will take care of it...don't forget..'shaken, not stirred'.
    Prime the carbys and try again.
    Once she's alive take her for a gentle ride to burn off the fuel and feel the bike out.
  10. I've never seen a battery that can turn a starter motor but not fire a spark.........
  11. Its not so much that it wont fire a spark, but how strong the spark is.
    A fouled plug will still spark, but will it start an engine?
  12. I have personally experienced that on my old ford capri the other year... would turn but not enough to fire her up as well.

    First thing I'd be doing is making sure I gave that a full charge. Clean all the contacts and what not when refitting it back in as well.
  13. your also need a strong turn over to get decent compression in an engine, so yes a fully charged battery helps when you are having starting problem, but I'm still betting its just lack of good fuel inthe bowls
  14. It may be a slow valve seal leak. Used to happen in older cars where oil would leak through the valve stem seal and pool on the cylinders. Usually resulted in very difficult to start engines. +1 for can of start ya bastard to get some ignition to clear the cylinders if thats the case. Dont be afraid to spray a heap in there, but avoid being in the line of fire for a carb backfire. Throw some jumpers from a car battery on the bike battery and keep the choke off.
  15. btw... Maybe Kave has caved in!