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bike wont go over 299???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. everytime i max out my gsxr1000 the speedo will only go to 299, the rpm keeps going though. anyone know if you can make it read 300 or more???

  2. are you stuck in 3rd?
  3. "everytime" :? How often is this situation occuring?
  4. I usually find that you can go faster down a vertical mine-shaft, but the stop at the bottom always seems to be hard to master
  5. You've got a valid warranty claim, surely?
  6. Strangely, I can't get warranty OR insurance for this worthy exercise......
  7. Far from a do-gooder as my lengthy file will attest to,,,hope your gettin 299 on the track, for the sake of others and urself,,,best of luck making the life changing 300.... :?
  8. Perhaps the speedo is giving a false reading or the needle is stuck?
    You might be able to get a cop at a stationary radar unit to do an accurate reading for you?
  9. change hands ... it will break 300 then
  10. Hey :evil:

    You used 'radar' and 'accurate' in the same sentence
  11. 299km/h!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat,where the hell do u try these speeds??????
  12. The south eastern freeway

    doesnt everybody?

    cover 75km in under 20minutes :D
  13. and then he woke up......
  14. you must have a dud, sell it....
  15. Its the gravity of the planet against the needle - the drag of the planets gravity is preventing the needle moving further around - using your right hand wrap the dial with the armour on the back of your gloves - you may need to lift your visor to see what you're doing, see how you go...
  16. The SP1 only indicates to 299 as well.

    Sadly I could only get it to indicate 295 before I ran outta road.
  17. Actually free-fall terminal velocity is in the 200-220kph range.

    You actually will travel faster on many motorbikes than you can free-falling from pretty much any height.
  18. Well, thanks for blowing THAT theory completely out of the water!! :grin:
  19. Its a digital speedo, no needles involved (cept for rpm) :)

    Perhaps SpeedoHealer would help you out a bit?
  20. There's an agreement between most of the big bike manufacturers not to show speeds above 300 on their speedos. You can see it in action on the ghostrider videos. 299's all ya get.

    Still, probably just about quick enough for most situations.