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bike won't go into first gear// :(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by BalmyBrowny, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. was cleaning the old zzr250 up for roadworthy so i can sell it. and i remembered the gear lever was a bit high. so i went to adjust it lower. now i had a bit of a fart around trying to work it out, but in the end got it all sorted.
    only problem now is that the bike won't click into first. its like it (selector that the lever slides onto) won't turn enough. the lever goes down a long way. longer than i remember it going. but won't turn it into first. goes into second well enough but wont even go into first from there.

    had a thought that maybe my clutch is just about worn out?? the bike feels like it surges very softly forward when you start it with the clutch in. i'd really like to fix this at home before taking it in for the rwc as they would want to fix it then and i don't wanna pay for it unless i have to :p

  2. Oh. That's not good.

    Maybe it has something to do wtih how you adjusted the gear lever? Or the fact that you adjusted the gear lever?

    Have a close look as you move the lever downwards as if to engage first. Are all the linkage/lever points in the clear?

    Is any part of the lever mechanism touching something, like an exhaust pipe?

    Hoho. That is the way motorbike clutches work. They are multi-plate devices with a lot of friction, especially due to the oil in which they live.

    When the bike is cold, especially, the clutch will grab a little. Start in neutral and you won't have that problem straight away. It will just clunk as you engage first...instead.


    Trevor G
  3. thanks for the info on the clutch mate.

    as with the lever. everything is done up and sitting in the right places. (well from what i can gather anyway) the lever isn't touching anything... will have another look at it tomorrow arvo when i've got some time spare. see if ive missed something that i didn't see earlier. thats what i get for fiddling i guess :(
  4. to make sure it is the downshift not engaging correctly, shift to second, take off, shift to third and then try to shift to second.
    Although you have adjusted the gear lever, you may need to adjust the drum spline a tooth or so, to hit the "sweet spot", for maximum leverage
  5. forgive me for asking.... but drum spline?? is that the part sticking out of the gearbox that i put the lever onto? i can take off in 2nd, will try that out this morning.
  6. :? :? ....with the zzr 250 you can go in 2nd gear? kawasaki gears have a system to block the 2nd gear input when you're stopped...you can start only in 1st gear.... :eek:
  7. zetabiker - that would point to something worse wrong right??? hmmm... what have i done?? :(
  8. :? hhmm...try to put in the 2nd gear to start...i'll think you can't :? ...so the clutch works good? you can put in the 1st when the bike is off? if the problem continues ,probably it's something inside the gearbox or into the gear selection system.... :cry:
  9. yeah i can start and take off in 2nd. won't go into first either from riding in 2nd or from neutral or when off even. so not sure.dagnammit.
  10. What zetabiker means is that your bike has the kawasaki positive neutral system (i think thats what its called). Basically it won't let you select second gear when the bike isnt moving. If you are in first and try to click up it will only go into neutral. If you are in neutral and not moving and try to click up nothing will happen. Good idea for a leaner bike imo. I vaguely remember adjusting the gear lever like you did on a 250 once and it would no longer select gears at all. Maybe put it back how it was and let the new owner mess around with it? :cool:
  11. :grin: thanks davesta for the perfect translation....my english it's not really perfect , i know... :p
  12. ok. now i know that i've gone wrong and over adjusted it. i can get 2nd from standstill in neutral! so ive done something funky :p i'll have to fiddle around with it to get it back to the way it was now. he he. bugger! i can't remember how many turns or how many teeth now :( this might take a while.
  13. what you did shouldnt really break anything. Try rocking the bike back and forth while trying to pop it into first.