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Bike wont fire over

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by thecptn, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Very odd pickle my bike is in, the xv250, she wont fire over no more, it will crank over and all, but firing up is just not happening, here is how it happened, was going to work one night, and I had her idling away as you do, so I decide to give it a bit of throttle, which than resulted in it almost cutting out...strange I thought, so I did it again, same thing, in fact I couldn't use the throttle at all with out it possibly cutting out, so I let it be for a few moments, and I tried again, it than cut out.

    The more I tried, the worst it got, until it didn't want to fire over again! I check fuel, its alright, no amount of dicking with the fuel tap helped, how ever when I took the plugs out and gave em a good clean with some kero, it fired up again and stayed idle for about...10 seconds than cut off again, how ever it did improve when I cleaned the plugs some what, think this could be just some bad plugs? there relatively new, and the bike has been runing soundly with no syptoms of any problems, so it has me baffled.


  2. So its turning over ok ? just wont start ?

    the 1st two things to check is fuel / spark

    With the fuel tap ON crack open the drain screw on one or both carbys
    and see if you get any fuel flowing out, no fuel means you most prob have a blockage in the feed line ?

    If you do get fuel the next thing to check is the spark,
    the easyest way to check spark is, remove one of the HT leads from the sparkplug, then with a phillips screwdriver insert the tip into the plug cover and find somewhere to sit the screwdriver against the engine, leaving a bee's dick of a gap between the metal and engine.
    Then turn the mtr over with the start button and observe any "spark" between the screwdriver and engine ( should be a nice strong blue colour ) ***** dont hold onto the screwdriver, it can and will be a shocking experiance ****

    then if you have both fuel and spark you have to start to look elswhere
  3. Well after putting the new plugs in, it fired over for a few moments and died, and again and again, I than played with the idle speed screw on the carb, and bobs ya uncle..she works!! :grin: :grin:
  4. Looks like she died again, this time, she wont come up at all :( I had her running good for a while, than she promptly died once again, I changed the fuel, changed the plugs, drained the fuel bowl..nothing, the only way I got her working last time was by altering the carb idle speed screw, any ideas? carb is out? I know its firing on the plugs,
  5. Check that the choke isn't stuck on, that could give you the symptoms you describe.