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Bike Woes

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by unclewal, May 9, 2006.

  1. Hi all, well so last week my woes started but oh how they get worse. Firstly i had some problems with my bike (leaking carbies and stalling at lights). So i decide to take my bike to my mates old mechanic (name not being mentioned till i get my bike back tomorrow) to get a service done eg. fix leaking carbies and a service. So i drop it off and wait for 2 days i hear nothing from the shop so i ring them and say whats the prognosis and the damage, i get the bill and pay it off and take my trusty bike home. He does note to me that it requires a different set of plugs (hotter).

    On my way home i notice its a bit slugish and it sounds funny, so i get home and it sounds like a flat 4 car engine (missing and what not), so i check to see that nothing is disconnected or wired incorrectly. I also check the exhaust and notice that one of the cylinders is not overly hot like the others so something is not right. After about 30 mins i have the bike in pieces and i figure something is wrong so i ring the mechanic and explain the story and he says well like i told you its got the wrong plugs. I think well thats a bit strange cause it was running fine apart from leaking carbs and stalling, but ok i will go and change the plugs.

    I go and get new plugs, gap them and fit them and i also noticed the leads were stuffed so i go get some leads/coils and put them on. Start it up and what do you know its still the same no difference. I ring the mechanic right away and explain i have done what he asked and i am bring it back cause its not right.

    So today is crunch day as i rang the mechanic yesterday and he says he is too busy and call back tomorrow. I ring him back today and guess what he cannot fix it, and he also mentions that one of the cylinders has dropped pressure (the one that was colder than the others) eg. somethings farked (either valves, piston rings,conrod or ringland) So i ask well it wasnt like that when i dropped it off so i was not going to pay to fix it, he also noted he was definately not going to pay for it. I said well i am coming to get it and i wanted it back together so i can ride it home.

    My next step is to get a replacement engine which is not going to be the cheapest option but i figure i dont have much of a choice considering i need transport and enjoy riding. My question to you all is has anyone done this themselves and if so was there anything that was more difficult than a particular step. I feel pretty confident to do it myself as i have worked on race engines and put engines in and taken engines out of cars.

    Can anyone recommend a wrecker/reconditioner that i could get an engine from. I have got a price for an engine $950 swap over, not including installation from Victorian Motorcycle wreckers in Heidelberg West.
    Can anyone point me in the direction of what i might need to know for a swift engine change. My plan is to do this over several weekends in my dads garage. I am aware that i need to let vic roads know of the new engine number apart from that anything else that i am missing?
    Thanks for your help and i hope i get my bike back without any dramas from this clown tomorrow. More details to follow when i get my bike back i will be black balling this bloke to make sure no one else goes through this shite.
  2. From what your describing i would not be doing an engine swap just yet.

    The engine maybe down on compression on one pot but if it does not blow smoke or have death rattles like two skeletons doing it in in a biscuit tin i would keep going down the path of ignition and carbs.
    Starting with the carbs pull them off the bike and drop the float bowls and inspect the needles and seats for damage you metion it was leaking fuel early in your saga where was it leaking from ??
    blow out all the jet paths and idle ciruits with carb clean to ensure that there is no water in the circuits.
    Also check the float heights when reassembled

    See how you go with this first before spending the bucks mate.

    PS it would take less time to rip off carbs, pipes, chain and cables unbolt motor replace motor and bolt it all back together and then find you still got problems with your original carbs
  3. I had a similar thing on my Zeal, one of the exhaust headers remained cold on startup and not as warm when running for a while. I tried inlet manifold replacement for that cylinder and suspected carb, and no amount of fiddling would fix it. Eventually carby replacement on that cylinder fixed the problem and I had full power. But maybe another opinion is in order first?
  4. Sorry to hear about the problems with your bike, personally I would get it to another decent mechanic and have the problem diagnosed first. Even if it is the head lets say it would be cheaper then replacing the whole engine.
  5. Well it looks like crisis is averted, went and picked it up today and all is running very well, not missing any more all cyclinders are firing fine, cylinder 3 is down on a little (10%) on pressure as opposed to all the others, idles fine. Problem now is that the original problem that i went in with (leaky carbie) is still happening on warm up(not much fuel but a little bit leaking). Oh well thank god that episode is over. A warning to all dont go to Johnson Cycle Tune in South Melbourne unless you want to wait 5 days for a bike and pay for something that doesnt get done properly. Found a better mechanic through recommendations of another forum, so i will be taking it there in future. Thanks all for your feedback.
  6. Good on ya mate,
    It sucks when you get a dodgy mechanic :mad:
  7. I feel your pain, have had some really bad experiences in the past myself.

    BALLS Tuning in Sunshine is pretty awesome. I bought a GSR-1000 last year which ran like crap.(got it cheap) I took it to Ron at Balls and it ran better than i could have imagined. I live in Box Hill and i still take it there. Give him a call, he's good. :grin:
  8. Sounds like like crap under a float needle.

    The float bowl is filling too high and the result is fuel leakage.

    It also results in the cylinder running way too rich and drowning the spark.

    Hence to misfire carry on.

    Did the misfire clear up at higher revs? If so, I'm confident your no3 needle has shit under it.