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bike with rego but no roadworthy [VIC]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by OscarA, May 21, 2009.

  1. Well I might be buying my first bike on Saturday and although it has rego it wont be sold with a roadworthy.
    I've been told everything works and it's a reliable bike with no problems and should pass a roadworthy with little trouble.
    The bikes priced right so even if $500-1000 is needed it's still a good buy.
    The question is what do I do about transfering the bike to my name.
    I think the bike legally can't be sold with rego if no roadworthy is supplied is this the case?


    Should I just get the seller to fill out their details on the above transfer form then get the roadworthy myself and take the form to Vicroads?

    What have others done when buying bikes with rego but no roadworthy
  2. tell him, no rwc no sale, simple
  3. Never heard of rego without roadworthy status. Peculiar to Victoria I'm guessing. The outcome should be the same though - the vehicle doesn't have rego and should be sold as such.

    Tell the fellow that and buy the bike. Get him to ditch the rego and sell unregistered to you.

    Cheers - boingk
  4. You can't transfer the rego into your name without the rwc.
    So it's basically sold no rego no rwc
  5. you can still buy the bike with rego but you will need a rwc to transfer the rego into your name. The pitfall here is that around $70 for the rwc, plus whatever needs to be fixed to make it roadworthy could end up expensive. :grin: :grin:
  6. Yeap. What jazz said.

    What it basicallly means is that he's selling with the rego, but getting a Roadworthy cert is up to the buyer.
    (It becomes a bit of a bother and cost a little more to get it rego'ed up again.) It prolly means that the seller doesn't know anyone who can get it rego'ed easily/cheap/dodgily/with minimal fuss.

    Not that having a RWC means it is RW'ed dodgy. Sometimes taking it to different places may change the cost to keep it to their standard of RW. Some places are strict as/interpret things a little differently.
  7. Basically i bought a registered bike without rwc(didnt think it needed because its registered). So the seller filled out the papers and i made the transfer and vicroads gave me 28days to get a rwc
  8. get a mechanic to look at it before you buy so you know what you are up for.
  9. Thanks everyone for your posts

    Thanks tonee this is what I was hoping to be the case.
    The seller seems genuine and doesn't have any issues with me getting any check I want done on the bike. I'll go and have a look on Saturday and go with my gut instinct.
    Hopefully it wont be an expensive lesson.
    The bike is about $1500 less than most of it's kind so I can afford to spend a little on it before it becomes a lemon.
  10. No RWC = No Rego. Anyone trying to sell a bike without rwc for more than $200 is trying to rob you (Track bikes excepted). Tell the seller to get a rwc or find a new buyer. :)

    Edit: Sometimes it's genuine, but not usually. I wouldn't recomend trusting anyone you don't know if you don't know what you're doing.
  11. As a thought maybeagree to pay the extra $70ish or so to cover the roadworthy and get the seller to organise. Or get a mechanic to give it a look see.
  12. or you can do a contract subject to RWC, you pay for the RWC and agree on a price of what the RWC will cost, up to $1500? (in which you pay as you were going to anyway), you leave a deposit and one of you organise it.
    If this goes over the amount you think, like for instance the tester says bent frame, engine knackered, a lemon, you wouldn't want it anyway.

    If he has no problems, then fine, if he arks up about it and becomes sus, then you know there is something wrong.
  13. If the bike looks like its in fantastic condition and doesnt miss a beat then i don't think you'll have any problems getting a rwc.

    When i got the bike, it was it great condition. Engine didnt miss a beat, there were only minor scratches on the fairing. All i had to do for rwc was to tighten the chain and thats it!
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  15. Technically I suppose so but they give you that window of 28 days to get it organised.

    Take someone who knows a bit about bikes to have a look at it. It's quite risky if you are new to the things to buy without RWC, espec if it is a beaten up L bike that's been around the block a few million times and had 10 different owners.
  16. Jeez people talk a load of shyte on the innernet!

    In Victoria, you CAN sell a bike without a RWC. It is NOT illegal! There is a tick box for it on the transfer form. But the new owner cannot register it in their name (or ride it) without supplying a RWC to Vicroads.

    To sell without RWC, the seller MUST hand in the plates to Vicroads. The remaining registration remains active but the bike cannot be ridden without the plates, even though it is now the buyer's legal property. The buyer must then obtain a RWC and present it to Vicroads (together with signed transfer document and bill of sale) to complete the transfer and get the plates.

    It's all on the Vicroads website.
  17. Not really... depends on your definition of must.

    Filling in the seller's part of the form means signing a portion with the RWC number on it.

    You can wheel and deal around this in private sale fairly easily if you want to... but really it is there in writing... seller's responsibility. I wouldn't uphold the stance of selling without RWC in court - not that it would ever get to that...

    Personally I won't buy a bike without RWC if I am to register it. I walked away from a few great bikes like this and sure they could have been fine... but I still ended up with a fantastic one nonetheless. My first bike this paid for itself as the seller had to fork out about an extra $250-300 in repairs for the rwc that he was (fairly) happy to pay for because we agreed for him to pay for any RWC stuff that needed to be done before I bought it on his asking price. The bike looked mint apart from a fork seal issue I picked up (some slight oil leak). Apart from that, one of the handlebars was bent and needed replacing. This was undetectable - and probably really tight of the crew doing the RWC.

    That being said I believe you can get a dodgy RWC fairly easily, especially if you know a mechanic etc.

    Buyer beware basically.
  18. Lets illustrate:

    I want to sell a cbr250 its a bit beat up. and it will need new brake disc, pads and chain and both sprockets. Wow...thats a fairly expensive. however it is not road worthy without those. I still have rego on the bike so i decide to sell it as is for cheaper. Currently I value it at $1800. however to fix it up to get road worthy, will cost me $900 (just a guess) but it is hard to sell it for $2700 even after I fix it.

    So what do I do? fix it and get rwc or sell it as it for cheaper with rego but no rwc?

    someone can but it for (after a bit of bargaining), $1700, fix it up himself and get rwc, or I can fix it up and sell it for less.

    Moral of the story:
    There is no clear cut situation. Even if I sell it with RWC, it can be a lemon.
  19. geez some blokes dont even read the forms they have.

    If bike is currently Registered.
    you can sell a bike with a road worthy for up to 28 days from the time of the road worthy.

    you have 14 days from the time of sale to the time you have to give Vicroads the transfer papers.

    It is illegal to sell a bike in Vic without a roadworthy if that bike is currently registered.

    Now - that doesnt mean you cant buy the bike, fill out the transfer papers then get the rwc yourself and submit to Vicroads within 14 days. you wont get pinged for it (well you might but you'd be unlucky).

    I have recently done this. The only reason I bought it without a rwc is casuse it was a brand spanking new bike, i have all the sellers details and the seller is a federal cop and I know a few feds in the melb branch.

    would i have bought it without a rwc otherwise. HELL NO. if you buy it and it costs a heap of $ to fix, your tough luck. there's no way you'll get your money back from the seller.

    unless of course your buying a trail bioke of not intending on registering it. but thats not the case here so get a RWC.

    edit - the Vicroads page with all the info is here
  20. What happens if you are really lazy?

    I bought my bike , without a RWC , in feb. For one reason or another I just got around to getting the RWC last week.
    I have the form from the seller , signed , but just havent done it yet.
    Will i have to pay for a years rego when I eventually do go to Vic Roads?

    Im not really sure how it works , I havent bought or sold a vehicle before in Australia.