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Bike wins...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by belair, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. I've got a tonne of homework to do, 3 assignments due this week. Todays the day i need to catch up on alot of stuff . Books laid out on desk in front of me. Pens ready to go. I havnt seen the weather outside yet. Telling myself "what ever you do, Jim dont look outside". I Try reading a case study, but nothings going in. Hear a bike ride past the house.
    "OK ill look outside just once".

    Dammit! not a cloud in sight. See my bike in the car port looking lonely and depressed :cry: . I shrug my shoulders and shake my head :? . "Not today mate". Its expression doesnt change :cry: . Sit back down at my desk, start reading: "Globally, the water and wastwater industries are...blah, blah, blah...".

    Who am i kidding, its not gonna ride itself. Bike wins. The Reefton here we come.
    Wooohooo. :bolt: :biker:
  2. Yes get out there and enjoy the day. Take it easy out there too. :grin:
  3. I'm going to do the GOR at 3pm :)

    I have far too much work that needs to get done before I can leave the house :(
  4. I'm glad my son didn't have a bike, & I didn't have one when he was around, instead of "get on with your homework", it'd be "put that sh1t away and get on yer bike, we're going for a ride"...

    actually, I'm sad my boy and I didn't get a chance to share the passion.

    BAAHH! I wanna go for a ride, but i'm expecting people :mad:
    It'd better be worth the wait :evil:
  5. This thread really sums up what I love about riding: the pure, unadulterated addiction. Freinds (Who don't ride), work, obligations and even family all go right out the window when we get the itch. And god help anyone who tries to say "No, you can't go for a ride."
    I'm lucky as my significant other, although not a rider, totally understands my addiction and has no problem with me blowing 2 or 3 hours on my day off. Ride on brothers.
  6. Is the postie good looking??? :LOL:
  7. Sorry, straight over my head....I have been working since 0450, please make all jokes obviouse...
  8. I just can't wait until they invent transparent leather, it's great being out in the warm sun on a bike...but you still get absolutely 0% exposure to the rays...I guess that's why you head to a restaurant/pub next to the beach for a stop :).
  9. What an awesome day yesterday was. Up through the black spur, stopped at the folks house for lunch. Then back home via the reefton spur.

    Apparently I'm lucky that i didnt go home via the Black Spur. A mate said there was three cop cars waiting at the picnic area at the bottom, not that i would have been speeding anyway. Hope no-one on here got pinged. Also saw a poor bloke on blue super blackbird on the eastern pulled over blowing into the machine.