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Bike will start on stand, Dies once up right

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Alex1073, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. I have a Megelli 250r 2010 model and it has run just fine since getting it after the loss of my first bike due to a crash. I rode it in the rain about two weeks ago and three days later it started to die on me a bike but i took it as water in the tank.

    I emptied out the carby and it seemed to work fine for an hour then id have to do it again. a week ago it really started to die and every time i got below 40km/h it would die and its been home ever since.

    So far the current problem is that it starts when at an angle on the stand and then once upright it dies. I can keep it going at 6000 revs but i look like a dick at the lights (as its a loud bike).

    -its not water as i emptied the tank and refueled
    -not wrong fuel line connection as iv already swapped them around a few times (im a new rider dont judge)
    -all tubes are intact and no leakage

  2. Since it works on its stand, could it by the understand switch?
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply. No i dont beleive it is, i just started it on the stand but as soon as i lift it off (with the stand still outstretched) it dies. I then held the stand so the same tenstion was maintained once upright but yet it still died.. this is killing me, especially in this 30 degree weather ahh
  4. Try it with the stand up, ie sit on the bike and start it stand up

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  5. yeah i tried that and after a few attempts with the choke on it wouldnt rev up at all and not leave the 0 revs mark. but occasionally it would pop and make spluttering noises?

    .... almost like there water in the lines :( but then why would it work at an angle???????? :(
  6. did you remove the tank to drain it, if so you may have pinched a fuel line putting it back on,

    BTW hello and welcome to NITrider
  7. thank you, my great uncle rates highly of this website so i said id give it a go

    thats what i thought just before, but how would i check for that? ill go find a torch and have a look. thanks
  8. I took the lines off and put them back on so they were perfect and it did seem to make a slight difference but didnt solve anything

    to answer your question nobby, yeah i did take my tank off and emptied it. Rents cracked it haha
  9. You say you've changed the fuel. That's good. Did you wash out the inside of the tank with anything that disolves water into fuel, or you just drained it and emptied it and then put fresh fuel in?

    When you changed the fuel, did you also drain the carb(s)?

    What that sounds like to me, is there's about 3 ~ 5mm of water in the bottom of the carb float bowl, and when the bike's on a slight angle, it's drawing from clean fuel, but when you stand it straight, it's drawing from the middle, and it's sucking in water.

    Two things need to be done. Dump 600ml ~ 1 litre of Methylated Spirits into the the tank - half to 3/4 full. Hold the bike between your thighs and shake it side to side for a good minute or two and swirl the fuel around in the tank. Metho dissolves and mixes into petrol, but it will also absorb water. You can't mix water and petrol, but you can mix water with petrol & metho. That should clean out the inside of your tank and fuel system.

    If you look at the bottom of the float bowls on your carbs, you will see a drain, most likely with a plastic or rubber tube going down under the bike. There will be a screw there which opens and closes like a tap to that tube. By opening the drain valve, you empty fuel through the carbs, and because the opening is at the bottom, it should drain the water first. You won't get all of it, but you will get most, and the petrol / metho mix should take care of the rest.

    This is one example. They don't always look quite like this, but this is a good example.
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  10. put some metho in the tank as it can evaporate the water, some disagree with me but it is a tried and tested method.
  11. The metho actually absorbs the water into solution.

    And yes, it works.

    The best way is to drain the tank, then put a bottle or two of the Jim Beam replacement into the tank, slosh it around thoroughly then drain it. What's left will freely mix with the fuel.
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  12. Thanks Marty you explained it better than I could
  13. so i did what you all suggested (thank you) but umm my battery died just as i went to start it... lifes great haha

    ill let you all know how i go once i get it jump started

    thanks again, and how do i go about thanking people on here? (i see smee has "Thanked 81 Times in 52 Posts???)
  14. Unmarked bills in a plain paper bag...
  15. hey guys sorry for not getting back sooner iv been out riding haha!
    Bike is fixed and is running perfectly, well almost just need to run out whats left of the water, not that it bothers me just loss of power occasionally. THANK YOU everyone who helped

    Mjt57 its on the way haha