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Bike Weight

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mid77, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Hello All,

    Just got my Learners and am doing the usual thing of scouring the net for the right bike. I am at the moment more inclined to be heading for adventure type bikes (F650GS or similar) which would fit in more with how I spend my weekends.

    Brings me to my main question, all of the bikes that I have found in this sort of style seem to be quite heavy (hovering just under the 200kg mark). I am quite a big guy (6'3" and best part of 110kg) but was wanting to know if anyone has opinions on how heavy is too heavy for someone whose only experience on bikes is the Learner course?

    Seems to be a common theme that people say the best way to decide on a bike is to take it for a test drive (which makes perfect sense to me), unfortunately as a learner, that luxury is typically not an option (understandably so) so it looks like the first purchase will have to be blind.

  2. Bikes are only heavy when they're not moving (or moving slowly). So just sitting on the bike and moving it around at low speed should give you a pretty good idea of whether it's too heavy for you or not - and most people/dealers should be prepared to let you at least do that.
  3. I think any bike will feel heavy and clumsy for a new rider, it takes time to learn how to move about and and balance it. I know when i first got my hyo it felt heavy (because i was comparing to a pushie). Now I've got an SV and more experience and i can push her about and park fairly confidently. I reckon you'll be right.

    I'm not sure if you plan on commuting, but if it is just a weekend bike weight won't matter as much.
  4. So how are you spending your weekends?

    You will really notice the weight if you head (properly) off road. It takes a hell of a rider to pilot a big bike through really tough stuff. Trails and road you won't notice it. Stuffing up slow speed stuff is where it will make a difference, but no huge drama dropping something like the F650GS anyway.
  5. Have you looked at the Kawasaki KLE500? Sure they are not quite as modern as the BMWs or the Honda Transalp but they are being runout at the moment so they are about have the price of the others!!

    I find it a great bike as a learner, powerful enough, well balanced and comfortable.

    A colleague of mine has a Ducatti Multistrada (1000s) and he said my bike felt light, even though it is slightly heavier (dry weight) than his!!

    Also, I am 190cm and find this bike perfect. Have not been off road with it yet but I certainly plan to. :)
  6. Thanks for the replies. Guess it makes sense considering I've only ever had a bike up to 15-20kph at which speed it still felt a little bulky.

    Won't be using it for commuting, I need to walk to work to try to slow the spread of my spare tyre.

    On the weekends I always develop a case of "Where does that road go"itis which to date has taken me on some not-so-good dirt roads (in my car). Wasn't planning on doing any single track stuff I just want something that is comfortable to sit on for extended periods and that can be relatively forgiving on the occasional dirt road. I'm only pretty new to Sydney so am still heading out exploring which I thought would be well suited to something like the F650GS.
  7. Hi Rybky, I've seen the prices seem really good for those and I think they are an attractive bike, the only thing I was worried about which you may be able to help with is the size of the fuel tank (seems a little small) and if you can get some good luggage for them (I cart around a fair bit of camera gear when I go exploring). Any thoughts?
  8. There's also the KLR650; it's a little (a lot!) cheaper than the BMW ($8000 brand-new versus $14500 brand-new), arguably slightly better offroad and slightly less refined onroad.
  9. Welcome

    So what is your budget? There is a new F650GS due soon, which is actually an 800cc (twin) detuned which gets a great write up, and is being sold for close to the price of the current model - weight around 180kgs though


    Being 6' 3" - you'd go well on the previous Dakar (single cylinder) model, with 21" front wheel and the fuel injected models get excellent economy

    And agree on the KLE500, very capable bike, nice smooth twin. Check out Alto @ Chatswood, they have a few well priced ones.

    Other choices inlcude KTM 640 and 625, KLR and DR 650, DRZ400 and I enjoy my Husky :cool:
  10. Hi Spots, that one is definitely high on the list as well, haven't had a chance to look at it yet though. Only reason I mentioned the BMW was that one of my mates (happens to be German to boot) has a R1150GS and swears by the BMW's and he was the one recommended I look at the F650Gs. Think they are a lot cheaper in Germany though which may have influenced his recommendation a little.
  11. Thanks Toecutter, budget isn't quite that high to cover the new Beemers (can't ride the 800cc bikes yet anyway, but they certainly look nice). I was looking at anything below 10k (the more change from that the better - first bike and all) and noticed there was the odd Dakar coming up in that range. They certainly look the business.

    Thanks for the recommendations.
  12. Just saw "learners" :oops:

    So you're aware if you've had drivers licence five years and over 30, you're able to go "unrestricted" once you get P's?? Just can't pillion for 12 months
  13. Yeah, very thankful that I don't have to go back on 'P's again. Thankfully with LAM's though looks like I can get something that would fit in with my normal recreation without having to wait a couple of years to legally do it.

    I've had a look at my mates R1150GS and it just seems huuuuuuuuuuge, so a little too intimidating to me at the moment, but will probably head in that direction eventually. That's why I'll go something a little smaller and lighter to begin with, which I'm assuming all the bikes that have been mentioned so far fit that bill quite well anyway.
  14. maybe look at a DRZ400??


  15. Hmm, yeah the 14ltr tank is one of the smallest, I am getting around 110km on 8ltrs before I hit reserve commuting to work. So if longer range is needed then it probably is not the best choice. Regarding luggage carrying, it does come with a rack built on to it already with 4 hook points, I strap a laptop backpack to it using just a net.

    If I could have afforded it I would probably have considered the Honda Transalp over the KLE, I would probably look at this as an option for my next bike in a few years.

    The BMW's are nice but the cost of parts and servicing is something to take into account.

  16. Along with the better resale value.