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Bike Warranty void with slider kit, are they serious?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Deaf Wish, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Hi All, I'm new to this so please move if I've posted in the wrong place. I have splashed out on a new bike to be picked up this week. As soon as i had not even paid the deposit yet they were in with the hard sell on accessories. I would usually source things myself to save a bit of money but asked for a price on a protection / frame sliders kit. I was prepared to buy it off them and fit it myself but they said this would void my whole warranty. Surely this can't be right, or if it is it can't be legal.

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    welcome aboard :] that's just hard sell B/S from the salesman / shop.
    Ask him if its alright to adjust your mirrors or will that void the warranty to.
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  3. What JeffcoJeffco said. It would only void your warranty to the extent that it contributed to the failure in question.

    Welcome to NR, by the way. Maybe you should head on to the Welcome forum and post an intro thread, tell us a bit more about yourself and the bike that you just bought.
  4. The dealer (manufacturer) would have a very hard time seeking to enforce that position. I would just ask the dealer if he can advise you of that in writing - see what happens!. Your rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 can be much more extensive than the warranty offered by the manufacturer. For example, you should rarely (if ever) opt to pay anything for extended warranties because of the remedies available under the Consumer Act.
  5. So , i heard back from them and it turns out after talking to Yamaha, "what they actually meant" was that the slider kit wouldn't be covered under warranty not the whole bike lol.
  6. that makes sense :]
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Interesting theory, does that mean Yamaha does not have a warranty on spare parts or accessories it sells.

    I think not.
  9. What a waste of a thread.
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  10. When I initially asked about fitting the parts myself they indicated that the factory warranty would be voided ,as in the 2 year factory warranty on the bike. I replied questioning that with my understanding of Australian consumer law and then they changed their tune saying it was just the parts. I imagine this line must work on some people though and it's put me off using the dealership for anything else or wanting to use them for servicing.
  11. So basically, you showed them that you knew what you were talking about and they tried to undo their bullshitting... Not just incompetent bullshitting - but deliberate, targeted bullshitting until they realised you knew what you were on about.

    Who is the dealer in question? Dealers like this are like bad tradies - rip off agents and deserve to be shamed. They try to insert fear into people who don't know any better.
  12. Which dealership? Name and shame deceitful practices
  13. I just bought a new Yamaha on the weekend and the sales guy (who somewhat knows me as I am in and out of the store often) had no problem when I told him I would take delivery of the bike and fit all the accessories myself as he knows I do all my own work on the bikes.
  14. I Think I will wait until I've collected the bike this week and had a chance to discuss this with the manager before I name the shop. Then I may talk to Yamaha Australia directly also.
  15. All dealers say some level of crap to get a sale. That's life. Just hear what they say and then do some research before committing to a sale. BTW if the Yamaha slider kit comes with instructions to fit it I'm sure it will still have a warranty. My Kawasaki kit did.
  16. fcuk you guys are weak. They made a mistake. They were trying to warn the guy that they thought it might cost him his warranty then called back and told him they were wrong.

    They warned him about what they thought might be a warranty issue even though it might cost them the sale of the part that the OP says that he was going to buy from them.

    They were trying to help him, ok they made a mistake but they fixed it within a few hours.

    You fcuking cock suckers are just whiners who think the fcuking whole world is out to get you.

    End rant.
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  17. Looks like someone needs a cuddle :D hehehe
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  18. Banned 2 days, deal with it
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  19. verticales.
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  20. My apologies to those that were offended by my post. I will try to remember that you have sensitive feelings next time.
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