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Bike vs Roo

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Styvo, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Riding near the Grampians along a straight stretch single lane width road yesterday morning at 9.30am, doing a fair clip. I spotted a big Eastern Grey Roo standing on the side of the road, I think he was about 30-50m away. I jumped on the brakes straight away but of course he decides to jump right into the middle of the road. I washed off a fair bit of speed and as I reached him (I was expecting full head on hit) we managed to separate slightly. I thought i had made it then felt the front deflect left (under brakes) from hitting either the tail or the back end of him. Next thing Im sliding down the road with my Firestorm following. Spent the next 4 hours in the hospital but no broken bones, just some grazes and a bruised hip. Should heal pretty quickly. I was wearing all the gear but still wore through the textile jacket and leather pants i was wearing.

    In reflection I was extremely lucky that I didn't collect the bastard head on. After moving here 4 years ago I pegged the roos as the greatest risk for me on a bike. I didn't have the room to swerve unfortunately as that option had trees on either side of the road.

    Bike has mainly cosmetic damage, the oggy took a beating. Will get it assessed next week and await the insurance outcome.

    Ride safe!
  2. Ouch ... Glad you're ok. You got off moderately light.

    I haven't bothered to keep count of near misses, but I've hit 3 of the b@stards. I stayed on for 2, but the last had me on the ground. That was the full head-on job, at about $1.50. It wasn't an instant off - I was in with a fighting chance of saving it. I got one hand back on the bar and I was trying to get the other one on when the ground came up and hit me.
  3. I had the option of getting off the brakes and accelerating through but until a split second before I thought it as going to be a head on. Ive had a few near misses too, unfortunately this wasn't one of them.

    How did you end up with the head on kneedragon?
  4. Damn man. The main thing is you are okay. Added bonus is the bike doesn't sound too bad.
  5. You're lucky mate,... So?:-s......... is the roo gunna sue?? .... and has the bureaucratic bullshit artists determined that 'speed was a factor' ??
  6. Glad you are Ok. It must be the legendary marsupial attracting ability of Firestorms, a mate hit a wallaby on his in Tassie. Both rider and bike lived relatively unharmed. :)

    You would reckon with that twin cylinder roar every roo would head for the hills.
  7. A bit knocked around, but walking wounded. Had cold words with the matron of the Hay hospital and walked out.

    The forks and the triple clamps both needed a touch of straightening, but the frame was ok. The alternator cover and stationary windings were toast and had to be replaced. Indicators, mirrors, extensive cosmetic. Almost a year later, I was just about on top of all that when it got kicked over by a TRG cop at Bathurst and trashed again. Six weeks later I got picked up speeding, on an expired license, and had a little holiday in the Port Maquary watch house. The bike was stolen (I'm told) by a copper's mate while I was in there.

    It wasn't a lucky bike, that one...
  8. Jeezus! Did little rain clouds follow you around wherever you rode too?
  9. LOL. It was a bit of a weird time. Some very bad things happened, and some very good ones.
  10. Unfortunatly no matter how good a rider you are there are certain situations that you just cannot avoid. Glad to hear you are OK.
  11. Four weeks to the day. I finally get the call that the bike is a write off. Suffered from the oggy bracket gouging the frame. So looking for a new bike. Actually looking at tonee's k6 gsxr tomorrow. Ride safe.
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  12. Meh, Grey Roo?? Thats like hitting a rabbit. You should try the reds out west of QLD!!

    Glad you escaped without much personal damage. Roo's scare me a lot. I have had a few strikes over the years and a lot of near misses in the cage. Riding the bike out west the roos are one thing that I am paranoid about.
  13. Scary stuff roo's are, had 2 run out and go either side of me at over 100km/h on my way to work a few weeks back, definite brown trouser moment
  14. Good old Grampians road, met an emu there almost a year ago and had a similar outcome. Glad to see you're getting back on the bike.
  15. Ha Ha TRA, this was no rabbit. I know the reds are bigger, having lived out that way but I think the outcome would be pretty similar with this big grey.

    Benny, it was on Roses Gap Road (the back way to the Mt Victory Road as the floods last year blocked the Halls Gap end). Luckily I wasnt hooked into a corner with a drop off I suppose.
  16. G'day everyone,...

    As someone who lives out bush and has to deal with roo's I can say they do keep your reflex's sharp!
    Also they MAKE you look at whats going on around you and notice whats on the side of the road,.. they make you more aware!
    Unfortunatly you had to hit one but I rekon you will be a lot more aware now,...

    But great to hear you came out of it ok with no broken bones etc,...

    Dr Who?
  17. I'm always in two minds around kangaroos:

    my first instinct is to get off the throttle and on the brakes (for obvious reasons),

    but I get the sense that the change in engine sound gets them moving...(which means into my path)....
  18. I have been riding for four years in the bush and had near misses. Usually you see them moving in the bush but this one was sitting on the side of the road. So I didnt see it until it was too late. Admittedly I was distracted so will take that as a lesson out of this. There is no room for complacency or distraction on a bike, luckily I'm still around to take heed of that.

  19. Sometimes shit just happens, it seems. I know that once I've done everything I can to keep myself safe, I just have to say "Well, whatever can happen now might or might not happen, nothing I can do but enjoy the ride in the meantime!"
  20. Absolutely Mattb, it hasn't stopped me riding. Picked up my new bike yesterday!