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bike vs. car on the latest "fifth gear"

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by geoffbickle, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. Anyone else seen the latest "fifth gear" episode

    It has a GSXR-1000 up against a Westfield XTR4 (600kg racecar with an audi 1.8 turbo engine)

    The bike goes well (and beats the ducatis 999 time from last season) but the car still goes around a sec quicker i think) lots of corners on the track as well

    Well worth a watch though, the guy on the bike can ride.. sliding around corners.. looks very nice!!
  2. When are they gonna get hold of rossi and pitch him against Tif... :p Maybe then theyll stop comparing bikes and cars :p

    Nah can't wait to see it, Top gear is always a good watch...
  3. It was Vic driving the car: :]
  4. Who got vid?

    Me want vid!

  5. just go to mininova and search for the bittorrent...
    Its season 8, episode 3
  6. It's not Top Gear, it's Fifth Gear.
    It's UK Channel 5's equivalent of Top Gear. :p

    I had been so busy with end of semester uni stuff i hadnt even noticed a new season of F.G had started. I'm still hanging out for T.G's mini holiday-season though.

  7. www.mininova.org
    .com is a usenet program.
  8. to download torrents you need a bittorent program, i use azures but there are others..how it works is you download the torrent file from a site (it is small and will only take a second) then you open the torrent in your torrent program..you can find any TV show any album ect.. it's kinda complicated exactly but it takes small parts of the file form seeders form all around the world and puts them back together..and the bits you have are then shared as well (i think..but hey it works) ..speed depends on your connection and how many people are currently sharing the file you want..right now im downloading two episodes of fifth gear :D, this site has links to all the main torrent sites http://isohunt.com/stats.php?mode=btSites i think the best ones are bitjunkie.org and torrentreactor.net, always found anything i have been looking for between those sites. 8)