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Bike vs. Car Equivalency

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dale, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Ok, so what matches up with what?

    Ducati = Ferrari?
    VFR800 = Camry?
    Z50 = Goggomobile?

    Open the floodgates!!!

  2. Basically.. in my opinion you could compare all the sporty 250's to cars like the wrx, 200sx and GTS-t... but only to speeds like 100km/h after that there gone...

    most 5-600's can chomp anything on our roads today bare the worked GTR's, supras or big bore forced 8's.. .

    Now all the 1L's built in the last decade should not have trouble beating ANYTHING on our roads today..

    My $0.02
  3. Riding the firestorm reminds me of driving the old 350 Monaro. Didn't handle the best but damn it was loud and fast in a straight line.
  4. Ducati = Yes

    VFR800 = If a camry was realiable as a honda, faster then a turbo sports, had the fuel economy of a small hatchback and looked as great i'd be stocked. I don't think it is a fair comment. I don't see any Camry's doing 240km/h either

    Z50 = :LOL: i think my old man Maicoletta would be a better comparo there!
  5. Virago = Toyota Corolla? :D :D

    My bike really does feel like my car sometimes. Except the bike is all one colour, has no dings (except for one small one) and it doesn't smell.
  6. I would say Aprilla is more like Farrari
    and Dukes are more like Maserati
  7. mv agusta f4 = lamborghini gallardo?

    r1/gsxr1000/fireblade = hsv clubsports?

    kawasaki er6n = mazda sp3?
  8. Interesting...

    What about the Manufacturers who do both cars and bikes??

    Obviously BMW bikes would equate pretty closely to BMW cars...

    Honda's Fireblade = Integra 'R' Spec

    VTR250 = Civic

    But what about Suzuki?? How can you compare such beautiful machines such as the GSXR or the SV to sh1tboxes like the Vitara and the Swift?

  9. Hey not going to argue about the Swift but the Vit is a damn good Small 4WD, at least a 2005 or earlier the 2006 is just an other tinny piece of crap wanabe 4WD
  10. Suzuki GSX750F = Mitsubishi Magna (ie competent but unsexy)?

    Rocket III = Kenworth? :shock: :LOL:
  11. Hey on the right racetrack the Suzuki Swift GTis used to quite often beat V8 Fords and Holdens, they were a great little car. I reckon any hot hatch probably has to be equivalent to a sports 250, not fast in a straight line but on a tight circuit can often chase down much larger, faster vehicles.
  13. harley davidson = charger (or tractor, take your pick he he)
  14. Goldwing = Winnebago

    Any Scooter = One of those stoopid 'Smart Cars'
  15. FZ6S = Toyota MR2 :grin:
  16. yeah I'd have to say..
    Harley= John Deer

  17. ER-6N = Mazda 3 range. (Middle Range, funky new looks, good engine, good build quality)

    R1/GSXR1000/ZX10R = S15 Silvia (Japanese, Highly tuned engines, Great chassis and handling fast, exciting and often driven/ridden by wanna be racer boys)

    Ducati999R = Ferrari Enzo

    MV Augusta = Lamborgini Gallardo

    BMW tourers = BMW 5 and 7 series

    Busa/ZX12R = Supra
  19. ZXR-250 = Golf GTI

    Small, tough and handles well, but lets face it, there are much sportier and quicker vehicles out there!
  20. GPX250 = Morris Minor

    Say no more.