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Bike VS CAR and BRIDGE - Healsville/Yarra Glen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mswart1, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. Hi all
    There was a bad bike accident at healsville - yarra glen area yesterday afternoon a bike hit a car head on and then went flying into a bridge and down an embankment according to the attending ambulance officers anyway. i work at one of the major hospitals in Melbourne and unloaded the rider from the helicopter, he was not in a good way in fact we rushed him straight to theatre because of his injuries to his abdomen and pelvis. luckily he seem to have no real head injury although you never can be sure until he gets xrayed properly. the ambo's said his bike a bmw 1200 i think was cut in half. he also had major injury to his leg and one of the nurses said he would probably lose his leg due to the severe muscle and artery damage as he had severed the major artery to his foot and we received him two hours post accident. apparently there was a pillion to but she had gone to another hospital. i see motorcyclists come in all the time and is almost enough to make me want to give up riding - except i just love my bike to much as do we all.

    everyone have a safe and merry xmas and a happy new year.

    cheers all Matthew
    Stay Safe.... :D
  2. Oh dear.
    Sounds like he absorbed alot of the impact.
    Fingers crossed that he doesn't lose the leg.
  3. Dont give up riding... just remember to ride sensibly.... and never make the assumption that there is no car around that corner....
  4. Ohh dear that's not good... There was a guy at my work (with one leg) telling me that he knew this guy, who survived World War II as a Soviet infantryman (!), and didn't get a scratch. But one day on his motorbike, he stacked and lost a leg. I guess there's pretty good reason why they call us "Temporary Citizens"...

    Hope he gets better

  5. Tragic accident. Going to be a sucky festive season for this guy and his pillion.

    Hope his leg makes it, and that he makes as good of a recovery as can be expected under the circumstances.

    In the countryside I see motorcyclists taking stupid risks all the time, overtaking around blind corners - bike's wheels one side of the line, entire bike+body on other side full half-way into the oncoming lane, and pushing their and their bike's limits too far and running wide. In the city I see the same sort of thing, but different. Motorcyclists making too many assumptions that some car isn't going to change lane, or pull out, or whatever. Can't count the number of times that I've seen guys ride blithely through dangerous situations at speed without setting their road position and brakes up for something that could go wrong. Can never assume that the car drivers have seen you. Need to always ride as if they could pull out or change lane into you at ANY second, and set your speed, brake set-up, road position, and escape/exit points accordingly.

    Yes, it may be the car driver's fault for hitting you, but that's cold comfort when a leg is missing, or if you're dead.

    No need to give up biking. Just continue to be acutely aware that 99% of the time that a collision is avoidable due to the prudent actions of the person behind the bars, and that quite often it's the rider who put themselves into a dangerous situation where they could be taken out. For every rider who collides with something, there are a hundred other riders who have ridden for decades with nary a collision with another moving vehicle. You're just seeing the worst end of the stick. Don't let it get you down.
  6. Welcome to the forum Matthew. We can only hope that the guy and his passenger survive this as well as possible given the present grim prognosis.