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Bike Vs Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jimmythehuman, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. As a brand new road rider i am pretty concerned with safety, and everyone i talk to has heaps to say about it, including my wife - although her reaction to me getting a bike was "get the biggest, fastest one you can affford, then if you crash you will die, which is 'good' cos i aint moving house cos you cant get up the stairs in your wheeel chair, and if you think cos you cant root anymore you will be getting headjobs for the rest of your life, fcuking forget it", so safety is a big concern and conversation point with everyone!

    In the OACU forum they were talking about squids - which made me think, push bike riders share the roads and have similar issues to face as motorbike riders. They collide with cars and its gonna suck almost as hard as it would for us ina collision? or if they come off in lycra on the road and get road rash the same as if we didnt have gear on? (i assume none of you ride m/bikes in lycra?)

    Is this completely mad, or do push bike riders experience similar bad press as bikes, or are there any accident stats to suggest they are in as much danger as we are.

    Sadly we cant track the fcukers cos they dont have rego like we do so i guess no one knows how many there are out there?

  2. Go ride your pushbike in leathers for an hour and tell me how you go. :roll:
  3. If you ride your VTR1000 next to me in lycra i wil :)
  4. Pushies aren't as loud as the average motorbike. Out of sight (earshot) out of mind, this is the simplistic nature of the bulk of society.

    Also pushies don't usually overtake cars at high speeds. However I have overtaken cars on round-abouts before on my MTB, bloody volvo drivers.
  5. Some stats on bicycle fatalities, obviously there's no record of how many are out there but there were 43 recorded deaths last year with an average age of 39.
    Edit: Seen a lot of old people getting around on bicycles especially some of those electric types, probably seen (by them) as being safer than driving but many are completely oblivous to traffic and it's only a matter of time before they're hit.
  6. comes down to risk, most pushbikes won't do 80 or 100km/hr, so in most part the average rider would only ride at about 40-50km/hr at the most, so i guess that explains why alot of scooter rides think they can get away with it too....

    the fact is it's a dangerous hobbie, that can and does kill.
  7. Yes but they can still get hit by a car doing that speed. One way motorcycles are (to a point) safer is that they are able to keep up with traffic (or pass it :wink:), so the risk of being struck from behind by an unobservant driver is reduced. Pushies also have very little ability to accelerate away from danger - unless you can pedal really fast.
  8. One of the biggest risks with cycling is the wind, and also large trucks. Quite easy for strong winds, such as are happening today in Melbourne to blow cyclists into the path of cars travelling at speed.

    One of the guys I went to university with got killed on his bike when a truck passed him at high speed very closely. The low pressure zone under the track's tray sucked the bike in under the rear wheels of the trailer, and that was it for him. All over in an instant.
  9. I had a teacher at school who was killed on her pushie when a driver sneezed and accidentally swerved at her.

    I have had a friend have a major accident "of his own doing" on a pushie when he was going pretty fast.
    He now has a pin in one arn and a part of his shin missing.

    Nothing to do with the OP question. sorry. :)
  10. Before i started riding motorbikes, i rode push bikes (of the mountain variety) on the road a lot. I always wore helmet, gloves and usually heavy cotton / canvas shorts. I must say that after riding a motorbike for a while, i feel very naked on the push bike, and miss having mirrors.

    I definitely agree with jd about keeping up with traffic flow. I feel a lot safer riding a motorbike than a push bike, simply because there's no speed difference between you and the surrounding traffic. There's also the fact that you don't (normally, anyway) get overtaken when there's not enough room, when on a motorbike. This happens very often to cyclists, and i'd wager a fair chunk of accidents are a result of this.

  11. LOL

    Imagine the reactions one would get :LOL:

  12. Mate your wife wouldnt blow you in your wheelchair? :shock:
  13. funny isn't it. i've ridden pushies since i was 5 and had numerous stacks resulting in concussions, gouges, road rash, gravel rash etc. but no one really called me a crazy fekker for fanging around at 50+in shorts/singlet/helmet. but the second i jump on a more stable vehicle that can actually keep up with traffic, i'm nuts for going out in the same/similar attire :?

    yeah, i still wear my gear 99% of the time, but i see a leisurely squid cruise as no less healthy than tearing down a thin gravel road at almost the same speeds in less protective gear. guess you have to be one of those people that wasn't brought up in a bubble to get over the fear of hurting yourself :wink:
  14. Hahaha.. How true is that! :LOL: I continually look for mirrors that aren't there.. :wink:
  15. I think its because most people don't associate a pushbike as being a 'vehicle', ie if it hasn't got an engine in it then it can't go fast and you can't kill yourself on it...god knows they don't give you that respect on the road.

    I've ridden pushbikes on the busy city streets for years and feel a helluva lot safer on my motorbike.
  16. Pushbikes on the road are a protected species, beloved of the enviro-nazis. If they had their way we'd all be doing our 100kms to work on one, arriving sweaty and stinky and unfit for work, of course they are the solution to everything.....
  17. You couldnt pay me enough to ride a pushie in Sydney! Alot of car and especially taxi drivers are a hazard without the liability of not being able to get outta the way with a large application of acceleration. As for riding gear, I was heading to Manly down spit road and got passed by a pushbike rider in the usual shorts and tank top. I was going 65 so he must have been cracking 70! But how I laughed going up the other side of the hill!
  18. only having recently been riding, i was very concerned about the safety aspect of motorcycling.

    However after reading forums, talking to people, checking stats i don't think it is as dangerous as i originally thought.

    i've come to think that alotta accidents are through poor roadcraft(this includes buffering, setting up breaks at intersections), taking unnecessary risks, excessive speeds, unregistered riders.

    What do you guys think about that?

    As for bicycles, i think they belong on the footpaths or designated bike lanes, i sure as hell will never take my bicycle on the road!
  19. the only problem with that is that bikepaths are shite or contain parked cars. As for riding on the footpath, you've got pedestrians blocking the path, and having to stop and giveway at every road that enters the road you're riding along. Makes for a much more difficult ride, and is less safe, because you've got more of a chance of either not seeing someone wanting to turn, or having someone turn without an indicator.

    A lot of roads certainly aren't suitable for cyclists, but that's not their fault.

    Hrmm, with the way it is in brisbane at the moment, riding with all my gear on (which i always do) leaves me about equally as sweaty as if i had ridden my push bike in! Push bike's no where near as fun though.